This photograph was taken in New Tazewell, TN. The circles are a result of "sun flare" and are not "orbs".

Life After Death Visitations and Spirituality
  The logo of lightening represents "energy", bringing flashes of insight and reality to us, the powerful universal forces, the beauty of nature even through hard times, enlightenment, that life is full of peaceful times and storms, the calm before the storm, and the silver lining after a storm - BUT the biggest significance is in the fact that WE ARE ENERGY, not the body, not the mind, but Divine Energy itself - the soul and spirit. We will get into the difference between the soul and the spirit further in the site.

This site which normally comes under the heading of the "paranormal" is based on the theory of Quantum Physics and attempts to prove spirituality and spirit communication by various events, scientific studies, shared stories and photographs, from an educational prospective when it comes to various forms of modalities used to make contact with our inner-self, as well as spirit communication. The authors do not think of these types of things as "paranormal", but simply a part of universal law and very basis of all there is.

Throughout the site you will see pictures and/or animations of energy and vibrations. This has been done on purpose to keep it foremost in our minds that WE ARE ENERGY and we work on VIBRATION and FREQUENCY, no different then the very structure of the universe itself.

How to Use This Site
  Since the topic matter is so huge, no one person can have all the answers. Throughout this site, many other sites will be recognized and linked to for further and deeper information in whatever area you are interested in, or are lead to learn about. I have tried to include topics that seem to have the most interest for the public.

In many instances you will see where I have used the word "we" or "our" instead of "I" or "me". These are not typographical mistakes, but have been deliberately done this way as this site is not just mine, but is as much theirs - my transitioned daughter, son, and grandson, and now my sister and I feel they should be honored and given credit for their part in it.

Not a day hardly goes by that there is not a television program on after-death-communication. I have tried to provide some of the tools necessary to experience this phenomenon. Although I do not consider myself an expert in this field, I've certainly experienced more then my share of ADCs (After Death Communication), and shall share them later in the site.

Topics Covered
  The following topics will be included in this site, along with various techniques people have used to attain their personal growth, understanding, and many other topics, included, but not limited to the following:

  • Paranormal
  • Ghost stories
  • Ghost pictures
  • Video Activities
  • Spirituality Information
  • The difference between spirit and soul
  • The difference between mind and body
  • Auras
  • Orb pictures
  • Definition of orbs
  • Meditation - Self Hypnosis
  • Self Healing
  • Visualization
  • Paranormal and spiritual modalities
  • Universal laws
  • Inspiration
  • Memorials
  • Semantics
  • EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena
  • Astral projection
  • Instrumental Trans Communication
  • Other Spirit Visitations
  • EMF
  • Afterlife
  • Reincarnation
  • Quantum Physics
  • Scientific Tests

  • Invitation
      We encourage our readers to actively participate in this site. If you have knowledge and/or experience in the subject of self-hypnosis, self-healing, visualization, seeing auras, spirits, meditation, want to know about or see or share orb pictures, or have any Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), or any other knowledge relating to this subject, we would love to hear from you.

    Also, any inspirational writings, memorial sites, essays on any of the subject matter contained within this site will be considered for publication. We strongly believe that self-growth is not a self-centered achievement, but includes everyone around us. The simplest of stories or pictures, essays or poems, can touch another's life and open a door for them to explore their various potentials.


    This site is dedicated to my daughter, a beautiful soul who has transitioned to the other side, Robin Renee Lucero, who was extremely spiritual while in this physical world, highly intelligent, and who was Blessed by knowing and understanding the "truth", despite physical and emotional pain. She rose above all obstacles seeking the truth of her being, and shared this knowledge with anyone who was willing to listen and learn from her. Robin was born with the ability to see and speak to spirits, knew a different language she was not exposed to by age eleven. As she wrote the words down I took them to a co-worker who was able to interpret them and when I asked her how she learned them, she simply said, "Harry told me". She was barely past the toddler age when it became apparent that she was communicating with the spiritual realm, and had specific memories of a past life. My thanks, admiration, and love will hopefully continue her work through this site. The site is also dedicated to my son, Jimmy, my grandson, Tony, my mother and father, Ann and Frank, and my sister, Delores, and all family members and friends who have crossed over to the other side. To read "Robin's Story" please click on the "Our Story" page.

    To read one of Robin's three books entitled "Words in Flight", a book of essays and poetry, please Click Here!

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