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The Lynda Matthew Story




I've taken portions of various e-mails I've gotten from Lynda to show the types of visitations she gets from her husband who transitioned in September, 2010.

"I'm just sending you the photo of my bed because that is not the only time my husband's pillow - on the right in the photo - has been turned toward me when I wake up. One night it was right up against my upper body - that was early on after he passed. You can see where I sleep and I was on my side facing away from that pillow. I woke up to find it like that - and I typically do not move around in my sleep. 

With regards to the featherlike touches - that happened very early on - at the same time as I had the experiences of his pillow being moved close to me and a feeling of my hair being moved. An experience that I had back about 6 weeks ago was that one night I awoke with a tingling along my back - I was laying on my side. About two nights later I awoke in the middle of the night to feel a tingling vibration up my left side from my hip to my shoulder (I was on my back) -and on the heels of that I felt like the mattress ( I have a memory foam) right next to my side was undulating - or kind of lifting. It was a strange sensation - along with that I heard a brief vibratory hum by my ear - quite like what a hummingbird would sound like. I also felt a slight pressure on my right shoulder - and in my half awake/half sleep I tried to call out Craig's name - I felt like it had to be him?? There is the odd time when I am laying on my side in bed I feel a slight pulsing behind my back - but I usually put this down to my imagination."

Lynda Write's a Book


There is nothing more exciting for me then to see people grow when it comes to spirit visitation. Like so many of our readers, Lynda has taken a beautiful love story, the heartbreak of illness, and the subsequent physical loss of her soulmate to show other people that the bonds of love can never be broken by time and space.

To read Lynda's site Click here!

Validation of Dad's Communication


Story and pictures submitted by Beverley Jane.

The last few days I've been debating whether to get a medium reading again BECAUSE I have felt that over the last few months maybe dad hasn't been around me. Usually every now and then I'll get some kind of feeling or a subtle sign, which makes me smile to myself and feel loved, and just an all around confirmation of his presence. But due to the lack of any of these things happening I decided I'd inquire about just a ten minute reading, something quick and so I began writing an email to this one medium I've used in the past to find out how much it would cost and if it was possible, BUT a few sentences into the email I realized I hadn't conversed with this person in a long time and felt like maybe I shouldn't be asking them for this favor (usually readings are an hour) cuz I didn't want to have them think I was just using them when I wanted some thing, so I just saved the email I began writing in my drafts in case I changed my mind. Then I sat at the computer and wondered what my other options were for confirming dad's presence. I ended up just asking him directly. no big deal, and went about with my day basically forgetting all about it.

Fast forward 5-7 hrs later that same day, I remembered the thrift store up the street was having 50% OFF EVERYTHING that day (Saturday) and I had about 2 hrs to shop before they closed, so I went there, and after browsing for over an hour at all the clothes (its a big store) I thought I'd skim through the house wares (aka: junk) section before I checked out, going up and down all the isles scouring for something good. I saw this pretty red heart shaped homemade ceramic jewelry box, I thought CUTE! and then I noticed that it had the letters "BJ" (Beverley Jane) inside of a heart painted on the lid and I thought "no way", but right as I'm lifting up the lid to peek inside (in that very same moment) I felt dads presence just as I am revealing the capital letter "R" (Ralph) painted right there on the bottom, inside. (bonus: it was only $1) CRAZY HUH? I've enclosed pics - in other words "CONFIRMED"!!

I got home from the thrift store, and I noticed that someone had checked the mail box and so my mail was sitting on the table waiting for me but I was too excited from what I found at the thrift store to care so it wasn't until way later after midnight that I happened to glance through it and I couldn't believe it, I had received a newsletter from the "Forever Family Foundation" which researches afterlife communication and the name of the newsletter is " SIGNS OF LIFE" (lol) I felt and do feel that this was another sign pointing to confirming my what I had found at the thrift store!

Also, I have some of my dad's ashes that I had ordered from the funeral place and I ordered the "HEART" urn ( not sure if that is related to more communication but either way, I'm sending you a pic of both things I mentioned in a seperate email)

NOTE: If you have read any of this site then you know that we do not believe in "coincidence", but strive to open all doors via "synchronicity" to see where it will lead us. Beverley's validation of her dad's desire to show her he hears and knows her needs, are apparent in leading her to the beautiful heart shaped box with both of their initials on it, and to reconfirm even more so by leading her to the box that was shaped like the urn that holds his ashes. This wonderful and spiritual event was even further confirmed by the arrival of the newsletter. We should all remember that "we are always where we are suppose to be", and that energy can never cease to exist but can only transition into another form, and there are so many times when these different frequencies of energy can and do intertwine.

Suzanne's Story


NOTE: I loved posting Suzanne's story for a couple different reasons, the first being that keeping a diary of visitations is so important as not only does it give us confirmation during the times when activity is slow, but we also see patterns of visitation emerging and know and learn what to recognize. I did the same thing, but a time goes by and we begin to realize that this is not a matter of wishful thinking or imagination, writing things down is a good source of healing to the point we no longer have to write them down but simply find comfort in the things we have learned to recognize. Suzanne's story also made me realize that I should add a page on "Apports", a subject that so many people experience, but I failed to include on the site until Suzanne brought it to my attention in her e-mail.

My list of weird and semi weird occurrences since Dan died:

  • I ask Dan for a sign to let me know he’s with me and his Chicago Cubs toolbar derails my computer.
  • Necklace 'unclasps' itself and falls down front of my dress AS priest is offering prayers for the respose of “Dan Lathrop’s” soul.
  • Heat pump noise wakes up neighborhood from midnight to 12:30 am on New Year’s Eve, when Dan would normally shoot his shotgun. Never does it again.
  • Garbage disposal breaks and it takes two hours for me to fix it, only to discover a dime caught between the blades.
  • Dime from year 2000 (year we were married) shows up on table I just cleaned.
  • 1959 Lincoln penny in food processor after I was already on my fourth batch of dough.
  • Penny found on counter that I had cleaned.
  • Shiny new penny at top of the stairs.
  • Flourescent light fixture vibrates at high speed in greenhouse – one of thirty units not turned on. I unplug it, yet it continues the vibration for as long as I stand there, with no juice coming through at all.
  • 10 weeks of eating steamed broccoli that tasted like it had been 'spiked' with hot pepper, but only in the last three bites. Now, it’s intermittent with Brussels sprouts, too. (It’s April and it’s still happening on a frequent basis with both veggies.)
  • I google ‘rainbow pasta’ to get some visual ideas and there’s a picture of DAN on google picture line-up. His photo from my website has absolutely nothing to do with pasta.
  • ”Forever” stamp laying in the middle of kitchen floor ONLY after I’ve been baking in there for well over an hour. Valentine’s Day…
  • Not necessarily a paranormal event, but I decide to donate my gardening books and discovered a scrapbook Dan had made of his life (never even told me he was working on it.) He put it in the midst of my books, I guess knowing I would find it after he was gone.
  • 3/8 Dan had a favorite watch that stopped running. He took it to three jewelers who all said “beyond repair.” I was ready to pitch it when I decided to twist the stem. It started up like nothing was ever wrong.
  • 3/23 Went to post a photo from a seminar on Facebook, only when I went into the seminar folder for the specific pic, a picture of Dan and two of our friends popped up with the seminar title and #. Emailed it to the two friends and myself and none of us got the email. Went upstairs as kitchen computer accesses pictures from the one in my office and when I looked, the picture was the one from the seminar.
  • 3/23 Friend emails me to say that her daughter with psychic powers told her (as she was in the process of writing to me) to tell me that “my husband was gardening like crazy” while she was emailing me. It was 9 pm, chilly and I didn’t know where to look, so I just let well enough alone. Went to bed at 11 and at 2 am, sat straight up. The smell of freshly picked tomatoes, onions and garlic permeated the air, as if someone was in the kitchen sautéing them to make marinara sauce (Dan’s favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon with our fresh maters.) I never went downstairs…both cats were on high alert and we basically sat in bed awake for ten minutes. I finally went back to sleep. No pots or pans or anything resembling tomatoes to be found in the kitchen (bedroom is directly above the kitchen.)
  • 4/3 Friend told me about John Edward, the psychic. Couldn’t sleep so got up in middle of night to look him up. Just as I landed on his site, a pure white moth/butterfly flew into the kitchen, circled around me, and then flew back out. Haven’t seen it in any other part of the house since.
  • 4/12 2 a.m. – both cats in bed with me, windows closed and small fan crashes to floor. Securely mounted…
  • 4/13 Ask for Dan to say hi. I open up Facebook and instead of my page, Dan’s namesake and nephew Dan Lathrop’s page pops up instead. I never visit his page and there was no reason for it to come up.
  • 4/18 Driving yesterday not paying much attention. Look up and car in front of me has “DAN” as last three letters on plate… not terribly paranormal, but still makes me feel like he’s making an effort to say hi.
  • 4/19 Broccoli hits twice…I didn’t finish the bowl, and when I went to eat the rest, got hit with another really fiery piece.
  • 4/23 Was thinking of our favorite movie scene ever… Cary Grant in the cornfield in “North by Northwest.” Then mind wandered to the song “Eye in the Sky” (thinking of the lines “..looking at you, I can read your mind.) Decided I wanted to hear it, went to youtube, clicked on a video and there was the song with the Cary Grant cornfield scene playing in the background!
  • 4/24 Dan bought 12 liters of Pepsi the day before he died…I haven’t had the heart to touch them, but today, I picked one up to look at the expiration date and it was the date of his death – 11/22/10.
  • 4/24 Putting away cookbooks and when I opened the cabinet, there was a shiny quarter from the year 2000 when we were married.
  • 5/1 Kitty put three cat toys in Dan’s slipper like he did when Dan was alive. Next morning, all three toys were in my shoe (cat was too sick to move and slept with me all night).
  • 5/2 Had to put Callie kitty to sleep today. Asked for a sign that he was okay, and my NY Times crossword had the clue “District of Columbia?” The answer was Cali (as in the Cali Columbian drug cartel.)

  • Barbara Cannon - Psychic Medium


    This is an ongoing investigation into Barbara Cannon who comes from a long family line of mediums, and has thus far been handed down to her children. Rather then write a long article about her experiences, I decided to do the videos instead. To see even more pictues please click on the "Photo Albums" button on the menu and go to the album entitled "Barbara Cannon".

    There are obviously two types of experiences she is encountering. One clearly showing information embedded streaks of energy around and going into her body as she channels. The second is a possible vortex outside her home due to unbelievable history in her area.


    Joshua pays a visit to his girlfriend, daughter, and daughter's friend.

    Joshua Still Lives On!


    April 23,2006, Sunday, mid-afternoon, was a horrible afternoon for our family. My sister-in-law came to our house, when Alexis (7 yrs. at the time), Josh's only child, and I, Josh's mother, were leaving to go shopping. She uttered the words to me to come quick because my son Josh was found in his apartment, not breathing. We all rushed there to find two ambulances, and all of medics rushing upstairs to him. Josh's only child, Alexis was taken away from the scene by one of the neighbors. It seemed like forever before they brought Josh down on a stretcher and rushed him to the hospital. The doctor's worked on him, and got his heart starting to beat again. The family was allowed in to see him. The nurses and doctors told us to keep talking to him that he could hear us. As his mother, I did not want to leave his side, but we were informed that they were going to lifeline him to an area hospital about 30 miles away. We all hung on to the hope that he was going to be alright, only to find out by the doctors that Josh had no brain activity, and that the life support that they had him on was keeping him alive. It was a nightmare, that no parent ever wants to go through, but finally the last brain test was performed to confirm that, in fact there was no brain activity, and by Illinois law he had to taken off the machines. This all occurred a few minutes after midnight, so he was pronounced dead on Monday April 24, 2006.

    The following morning his stepfather, Tim, his finance, Molly and myself, had to pick up his daughter and tell her that her Daddy had died. I will never forget the sound of her screams, and the words, “Not My Daddy!”

    Our daughter, Star who had moved to Dallas in 2003 for college was trying desperately to get a flight home. She had already received a phone call from her Aunt telling her that Josh had died, then when she had gotten a hold of me, of course I was in shock and didn’t want to call her until I knew what was happening, Josh was revived. It was certainly an emotional roller coaster for us all trying to hang on to the hope that everything would be okay. She was not able to get a flight out until Josh until the morning after he had been let go. I remember parts of our conversation, Star said “Mom let him go, I will say my last goodbyes when I get there.” Those two were very close as siblings.

    Josh was a wild free spirited kind of guy. He loved anything that he could drive. He drove semis for a living, owned a Harley, a big red truck, and a 1970 Monte Carlo. He was buried in his Harley clothes; the colors were orange/black, which were also the colors of our hometown, the tigers. The beautiful sunny day that he was buried, there was plenty of Harleys’ riding in memory of him. He also loved Lynryd Skynyrd (also, Van Zant), which is really comforting once you listen to the lyrics. Almost every one of their songs are about God, The Man, the Lord. His favorite music was played through out his funeral, especially Free Bird, that the entire crowd sang in soft painful voices. He was loved by so many, that hundreds showed up for his funeral/visitation. He was “one of a kind, you took him as he was or you didn't take him at all, with a heart as big as Texas.” These are some of the words written by Star that was in his obituary. We all tried to pick up the pieces, get over the shock of it all. Josh was only 27 years old with a daughter who was 7 at the time. It was so tragic and sudden, you felt as if he was stolen from you. We had to go on, we had to the best we could possibly do for Alexis.

    Soon after the funeral was over amazing things began to happen. One afternoon, probably a couple of weeks after Josh's passing, Alexis who is a real “girly girl” was in the bathroom doing her hair up in a pony tail, fussing because she couldn't get it right. I, her Nanny, Josh's Mom went to the doorway and asked her to calm down that it would be ok, her hair looked fine. I know that my mental state of mind was hanging by threads, and I felt like I was on the edge of losing my mind, and very afraid of the thoughts and feelings I was having. In an instance, on a very overcast day, all of a sudden a very bright narrow luminous rod like object (made of light) sped thru the window and pierced right thru my chest. It was unbelievable how I instantly calmed down. I know that this was heaven sent, I had never in my lifetime ever, had an experience like that.

    Approximately three weeks after Joshua's passing, Star was graduating from Texas A&M, so we made the trip down for her Graduation. Obviously this was a really hard time to enjoy such a wonderful achievement, especially for Star. One of my nephew's Kevin stayed at our home to watch the house and take care of Oscar, Josh, Molly, and Alexis's dog. I would call time from time to check on Kevin and how things were going. He informed me that there had been some strange happenings in the house. Our home is a ranch style home with a full basement, which is refinished. Kevin always loved to stay downstairs where he could hang out and play pool. He was really spooked at night sometimes because the toilet upstairs would continually flush on its own. Oscar (was Josh, Molly, and Lexi’s dog) would also go to the stairway in the downstairs and look up and constantly bark. There was one area in the basement in a corner that he would stand and bark you could not hardly break him away from it. About six weeks after Josh's passing I decided I should go out and start his Big Red Truck. I opened the door, got inside; it was probably 10:00 at night. I was talking with my sister-in-law on the phone while I was doing this. It was really dark and I started talking to Josh about where the interior lights were so that I could see. All of a sudden I pushed the switch for the interior lights and they started going off like strobe lights. It was a little shocking, and my sister-in-law is yelling on the other end of the phone for me to calm down and breathe. I looked out the side mirror on the truck and the streetlight was doing the same thing, going off like a strobe light. Somehow, I just knew in my soul that was my son letting me know that he was okay.

    A few weeks later I came home from work with a message on the answering machine. It was a young woman with a southern accent, she was a little upset on the message stating, “she knew it was Josh because she saw that red truck.” I will explain because I called the number and told her that I had a son named Josh who had recently passed away and he drove a big red truck. She was from Kentucky, she and her husband Josh were getting a divorce. He had apparently come by their house and tore out some of the fence surrounding their property in his “big red truck.” How ironic that of all the phone numbers imaginable that she would get was our home phone number. Incredible coincidence that my son, named Josh, who had recently passed away and he also drove a red truck. I guess you could say that it was just a freak incident but again, I call that another sign from my son.

    There have been pictures of his fiancé and his daughter where you can see shadows of Josh's head in the background. There are some where you can see an luminous white light in the background. Most of all, the one that lead us to Joyce and her orb website that happened just a few months after Josh died. No doubt in my mind, that beautiful orb, so huge and vibrant was sent from Josh to his sister Star. It is like he is saying, “Star I am here and check this out! I love you and I am still with you all!” She was having a really hard time with everything surrounding his death, and I am so glad that he sent that to her, to all of us.

    Here is a funny one to finish this story about a paper shredder. I had bought all the three of my children a paper shredder one year for Christmas. Josh loved that thing, and I have one too, mine just sometimes out of the blue just starts going off when no one has touched the button!! Josh is with us and that will always be!

    Star’s thoughts:

    August 2006, Glenwood Springs, CO (about 3 months after Josh’s death)

    I went with my boyfriend, one boyfriend I would have loved for Josh to meet, on a family vacation. We had just moved in together and things were getting pretty serious. Well obviously, I was meeting his whole family! The week we were there, one day, the whole family went on a white-water rafting adventure. It was a beautiful day! And very exciting! I had always wanted to do this! In the middle of the trip, which was like 4-5 hours long. We hit a slow flow area with no rapids. Travis and I had brought a couple waterproof cameras. He had 1, and I had 1. At this point of the trip, and keep in mind, my brother’s death was very fresh, so I constantly thought of him and spoke to him in my mind. At this slow flow area, I was concentrating hard and talking to him in my head, “Josh, do you see this? Do you see how beautiful this is?” See, the point being is that Josh had anxiety attacks (which I didn’t know about until a couple years before he died) which meant he didn’t fancy traveling too far from home. I would always tell him about what it was like, (because I went on trips all of the time, for fun, family, or for college, ---hence I moved to TX from IL, ) “Josh you gotta see this” no matter where I had traveled too. Anyway, long story short, I swear that Travis (my now, husband) snapped that picture of me in mid-thought, in the midst of speaking to Josh. Pretty darn amazing, huh?

    PS. Oh and so you know. Travis and I had a son, Josiah on March 19, 2008. Yes, he was named for his Uncle Josh. I am curious to see what my little guy will see and say as he grows.

    April's Story


    About a week after Tom passed my mom started telling me that right before going to bed she could hear Tom's voice. She struggled with telling me, wondering if she was doing this herself. She said Tom kept telling her, "I am still here, I am okay" I struggled with wanting to believe her and thinking this is "Crazy"

    Well Tom gave her a bit of information to confirm to us that she was indeed talking to him.

    A few weeks after Tom passed, mom said that Tom said, "Tell April to look for my face" Well I was thinking, I can't hardly see it, like I am blocking him. Had no clue what to make of that statement. A few weeks later mom said that Tom said, tell April, "look to the sky, fourth of July" Well we were thinking that I would have to wait til 4th of July for a sign of some sort. A few weeks after receiving that message I sent in a roll of film I had of our family vacation in Niagra Falls the year before Tom passed. When the pictures came in I was looking through them and noticed a few firework pictures I had taken, then ONE just stood out at me, right there in the firework was Tom's face! Proof he was talking to mom. It was no doubt Tom's face, no other.

    See pictures in Album #4.

    Janet's Story


    I have many stories to tell - so I will start at my earliest experiences.

    I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My childhood was somewhat spiritual, however I certainly wouldn't say it ran in my family.

    I remember having dreams that would 'come true' in my childhood years.

    What REALLY stands out in my mind as a child, is what happened to me when I was 12 or 13 years old. I had a visit from a spiritual being in my bedroom. I was wide awake, and this green glowing figure appeared in my room. It would not let me open my eyes all the way, to see it's whole being, I could only see the bright green glow from him/her. It would not let me move my body - or call out. I felt like it was vibrating the whole front of my body and trying to 'go through' me. For some reason, I felt very afraid to let it 'go through' me, and I mentally fought against it. The being 'got mad' and mumbled and groaned at me. The whole experience lasted approximately 45 seconds - then it was instantly gone! I had been paid a visit - but to this day I still don't know who it was.

    Unfortunately, my parents and sister all thought I was crazy, and most of my friends did not believe me. I wasn't very supported in my beliefs back then.

    In my teen years, I seemed have a hightened level of ESP - so to speak. I had more and more premonitions and dream premonitions. I could tell people what they were thinking. I connected with one particular friend quite a bit (we would 'talk' to each other when separated - and the next day tell each other what we were thinking.. that kind of thing).

    One day I got out of my Father's car (he was dropping me off at the subway station) and I told him 'you will be in an accident on the way home - be very careful'. My parents had the usual reaction ... either laughed at me or told me I was nuts. My dad was rather surprised when he turned the corner, and a car backed out of a driveway and side swiped him putting a big dent in both cars! (no one was hurt).

    As I grew older, my premonitions slowed down and I didn't dwell too much on spiritual issues. I was married, had a child, divorced... remarried (this time to a Wonderful man) and had two more children. Time goes on... I feel my life is a pretty happy one.

    Then 4 years ago my Mother took ill. She was 70 years old and a vision of health! She could run circles around me! But my mother started to grow weak and tired. She started to lose weight. She was back and forth to the doctor, and at first the doctor found that her blood pressure was high, so he put her on medication for that and told her it would take 1 month to work. We waited, she worsened. So the doctor said the medication didn't 'agree' with her, and put her on another medication and again told us to wait a month to see how she felt. She worsened, she lost weight (and she wasn't big to begin with). Well then the doctor found that she had a mild form of diabetis (it does run in our family) so we all thought OH WELL that must have been it! We'll get her on meds and soon she'll be feeling better! But no, she didn't feel better. She became so weak that she had trouble getting out of bed. (My father spent a lot of his time drinking). One day my sister was visiting my parents and took my Mom straight to the doctor! He told them to go to emergency at the hospital. They admitted my Mother that day, and I went there the next day and didn't leave for the next 2 weeks. They immediately started doing test after test on her. Her lungs were filling with fluid and it was obvious she was very ill. The reports came back, Non-Hodgins Lymphoma with cancer in her lungs, abdominal area and possibly other locations. My Mother was very upset and told me straight out "I don't want to die". Unfortunately she was too ill to have chemo. Within a week she had to be put on dialysis (constant dialysis) and was moved to the ICU unit.

    I think about 24 hours later, she started to 'lose her mind'. I remember staying up with her all night that night - talking with her. She started out a little confused.. then moved to 4 word sentences... then 3 word sentences.... then the occasional word..... She started to talk to her Mother. She would say 'mom? Mom??? ' At one point she said "Wait Mom, I am coming with you." as if she was in the room - and she was looking off into the upper corner of the room. By morning she was completely incoherant - and at times very aggitated and upset or scared. I'm telling you - it was an extremely hard time for all of us. Shortly afterwards we were told that the dialysis is not working - and my sister and I made the decision to take her off the dialysis. She continued for 2 days with being aggitated, upset and scared until the doctor and nurses felt she should be sedated - just for her own comfort - and we agreed. My Father has a bad heart and not well. He visited every day, but it was taking a toll on him as well. She didn't live long after that - just a matter of a few days. My sister and I stayed with her until the end. In fact, I was leaning over her, about 1 foot from her face and playing with her hair when she took her last breath. My sister and a nurse were at the foot of the bed when she took her last breath and I said 'she's gone'.

    Well after that.... the spiritual energy grew so much it was just unbelievable!!! It started almost immediately.

    I was at my parents home, and my niece and I had many pictures of my mother spread out over the diningroom table. We were making two collages to put on display at my Mother's funeral. My Mother had some porcellin dolls on the window sill. One doll was a wind up doll that plays music. While my niece and I were working away, the doll started to play music on it's own. It lasted about 10 seconds. I said to my niece "Do you think it is Ma?" The doll started to play again - then stopped. My niece said "Yes I think it is." The doll started to play again - then stopped. (I now have that doll in my kitchen).

    The funeral was a beautiful service and very personal. My daughter plays piano - and there is this one symphony piece that my Mother loved. Every time she came to our house, she asked my daughter to play it. We played the song (on cd) at the funeral. We had picture displays etc. My Mother was cremated.

    A week or so later, my sister, my daughter and myself went to my parent's home and we were upstairs going through my Mother belongings... clothing etc. and taking a lot of it to the Salvation Army - so my Father wouldn't have to deal with these things. While we were working, I heard a knock at the front door - but we were busy so I didn't go to answer it. It was strange when I think of it - the knocking was at the front door downstairs... but at the same time, it was like it was in my head. I heard it again... and again..... I finally said to my sis and daughter "don't you hear that knocking?" and I went downstairs to answer the door. I looked out the front door, and no one was there. I turned to walk away and was about 4 feet from the door and I heard the knocking again! Definate knocking. So I opened the door and said "Mom, come in." I didn't hear the knocking after that and the very strange thing about it is that I figured out that the knocking that I heard was the sound of the big old cast iron knocker that my parents had on the door many years ago (when I was a child). They now had a completely different door, and no knocker - yet it was that old knocker noise that I was hearing. I hadn't thought about that old knocker in over 20 years! Yet that is what I heard. (My parents lived in their home 50 years).

    After that... the dreams started.

    My first ADC dream was of my Mother. She was wearing a white dress/gown and it was flowing. I remember her so clearly - every inch of her face - her hair etc. She was very upset and crying. We hugged and she said to me "Janet, it happened too fast." I said "Yes Mom, it did happen too fast, but I know you wouldn't have wanted to suffer for a long time." Her crying calmed just a little, but she did continue to cry.

    I called my niece the next day to tell her about the dream visit (the only one in my family that believed in 'spiritual things') and she was SO shocked because she had a similar dream that night - A dream that told her that my Mom (her Grandmother) was NOT happy about passing over, and was not accepting that she had passed.

    A week later I had my second ADC dream visit. My Mother seemed 'confused'. I asked her a few questions and she didn't seem to know the answer. A short time later - I had another ADC dream visit. I was on my parents 'street' - just south of their home and my Mother came walking up the street in her trench coat (which she used to wear to work all the time - she was quite a career woman). My Mother was VERY upset to see me!!! She told me that I was not supposed to be there! I told her I loved her and I missed her and tried very much to calm her down - but she was very very distrought. I still wonder if I was visiting her in 'her plain', and she didn't think I should be there???

    A short time after that, I had another ADC dream visit. My Mother told me "I am visiting with your sister." Well my sister hasn't been very spiritual... but I decided to call her and tell her what happened. My sister just about flipped and said "Did you know that yesterday, Dad brought Mom's ashes to my house for safe keeping until he has moved?" No.... I didn't know that.

    Then I had another dream visit from my Mom. I said to her "Mom, this feels SO real. Are you here??? Or am I dreaming?" She said "Janet, you are dreaming, but I can visit you this way. Is it alright for me to visit you this way?" I said very enthusiastically "YES please visit me every night!!!!" She looked at me with this look of 'understanding' on her face. I asked her "Mom, why haven't you gone towards the light". She told me "Janet, I can't tell you that."

    I should mention too, that every dream visit I had - she was progressively getting younger and healthier. She was looking so much better.

    Then another dream visit came. She told me that she was going on to the next level. She told me she wasn't sure if she would be able to visit me in my dreams anymore. I told her "MOM don't worry about me - GO - go on to the next level" and I watched as a swirling tunnel came into view, and she floated into the tunnel.

    After that, I started to have other occurances around my home. One morning I was making breakfast in my kitchen, and the musical doll (same one that played in her home) started to play. I turned around and had a good 5 to 10 minute conversation with my Mom. I just 'felt' she was there. About 10 minutes after that my son came into the kitchen for breakfast. I said to him "Ma was here'. He said "How do you know?" and I told him about the doll playing. He said "Do you think it was her?" RIGHT THEN, the doll started to play again!!!

    The months went by.. and I hadn't had an ADC for quite some time. I was sitting on my own one day and said allowed "Mom, I would really love an ADC from you. Can you please do something with the electricity? That would really mean a lot to me." That night, I went into my bedroom and turned on the overhead light/fan. and it went off. Then it went on again. Then it went off, then on again. My husband came into the room, and I said "Ma is here, the light keeps going on and off". He jokingly said 'Don't look Ma, I'm in my boxers." and right then, the light went off again. Then on. This continued on for 1 week. Every time I went into the bedroom, the light would go on and off. After a week, I started to doubt the occurances. I thought to myself 'aw heck... it must be a short in the wiring or something...' and you know... it stopped. right then it stopped. The light has not gone on and off like that ever since - and there is NO short - there is nothing wrong with that light. But as soon as I doubted it - it stopped.

    Also, sometimes when we really need it... I will hear that symphony song. The song that my Mother loved and that we played at her funeral.

    We received some 'inheritance money' and I decided to take my husband and kids on a little trip. We were all at the airport, and I was wondering if my Mother would approve of me spending some of the money on this trip - but we had all gone through so much stress lately, and so much grief.. that I thought it was a good idea. Sure enough - the symphony song came on at the airport! A rare, hardly ever heard symphony song... playing at the airport. what are the chances? I felt we were doing the right thing, and we did have a lovely holiday - and I knew she was with us there at that airport letting us know that yes.. she did approve.

    I went to an intuitive reader a while ago. First time I have ever been to one. I asked her if she would speak to my Mother. Well she said my Mother came through and talked about pearls. My Mother was showing her pearls.. a pearl necklace, then pearl earings. Then my Mother started talking about my wedding (which was over 20 years ago).

    I really didn't see the connection at the time. But when I got home - I looked closely at a picture I have hanging in my kitchen of my Mother and Father dancing at my wedding. And sure enough, she is wearing a pearl necklace and pearl earings. My Mother HAS been to visit me in my kitchen since passing over... and in my dreams.

    If you look in Album 5 - you can see a few orb pics there from my home. I am hoping that my Mother is one of those orbs.

    Since my Mother's passing 3 and 1/2 years ago, I have been on my spiritual journey - I have learned so much - but still have so much to learn! I THIRST knowledge. Sometimes I feel that because I was with my Mother through her illness, and her last days - that she allowed me to be with her as she progressed on the other side. My Mother was not a religious person and not spiritual, and I feel she had a lot of difficulty after passing over. I hope that she is happy now, but I still feel she is waiting for my Father.

    See pictures in Album #5.

    Submitted by Richard Senate


    The place stands on a remote farm today in Carson Valley. It isn’t marked on any map nor does the site have a marker of any sort to let the passing parade of traffic know that this isn’t just any barn. This place once knew violence and death and some believe that it is scarred by the blood of those who ended their lives here. Few passing today could imagine that this farm was once the site of a community, a town of sorts that never grew. It was on a major road at the time and even boasted a hotel and saloon. These places are gone now and all that remains of the hotel is a basement--now under the barn.

    The Cotton Hotel was well known throughout the Carson Valley and the small community that grew around it was called Fairview. But, for some reason the place seemed to attract the worst sort. In the early days of Nevada history a brutal gang held sway here. They were called the border ruffians and no one was safe from their wrath. It is said that a burley mountain man came to the hotel long ago. His name is unknown to us but he was called old saw tooth. It was rumored that he, and he alone, knew the location of Snowshoe Thompson’s lost mine. It is said that he worked the ledge of gold above Genoa and kept it hidden. From time to time he came to town to buy whiskey and supplies. These he paid for with gold nuggets from his mine. The Border Ruffians tried to follow him back and learn the location of his diggings but, the old mountain man was too smart in the ways of the wild for them and they never discovered the mine, it is still lost to this very day. When he came to town again old Sawtooth was murdered for the gold in his pockets. Some say they tried to force him to tell the location of the mine but, he died under an awful red-hot bowie knife. They took the body to the basement, and buried it under the bags of potatoes. They say that the body of old Sawtooth is still there, in the earthen floor of the basement.

    But the murder of the mountain man isn’t the only tragedy to mar the site. Years later another infamous man rode his horse to Fairview. His name was Sam Brown and he had quite a reputation in the area. He was a gunfighter who “killed his man” at an early age. Everyman feared the boastful and savage brute. To speak a word against him was to invite your destruction. He had killed eleven men and, so they say, he was looking to make it an even dozen. He was drinking at a Carson City saloon boasting that he would kill one of the local farmers for the crime of loaning a pistol to an enemy of the gunman. A local man overheard the boast of Sam Brown and ran off to warn the intended victim. But, Brown had overlooked the character of the farmer. He didn’t run, he loaded his shot gun and went after him. He knew Sam Brown and when he saw him at the barn and he unloaded both barrels into the man’s chest, ending any threat to his family or person forever. As it was in the west, no one condemned his action. Facing a mad-dog killer like Brown on the street would have been foolish. They took the body down the steps to the basement of the Cotton Hotel and placed it next to the potatoes. In time they would take the body to Genoa where the man who lived by the gun, died by the gun., was buried.

    In time the hotel burned to the ground and the town that never grew vanished from the maps. A farmer built a barn here, using the old basement. It was not long before people told of ghosts there in that barn . They remembered the tales of Saw tooth and Sam Brown. They say their ghosts haunt the place. It seems they don’t like each other, there ghosts of yore. The gunfighter and the mountain man throw potatoes at each other and move things in the night. Woe to any who come into that basement when they are angry at one another. Is it a legend? Who knows, but a local farmer once said he knew the place was haunted because he felt himself picked up an thrown by an invisible spirit. Was it the burley Saw tooth or the murderous Sam Brown, he didn’t know. The barn should be examined for any clues or bones. Perhaps if the body of Saw Tooth could be found, and given a decent, Christian burial his ghost would rest at long last.

    Patti's Story


    My new spiritual journey started in September 1999, through the loss of a beloved pet Pomeranian of 9 1/2 years, Sandy. We were so very attached. I got him as a puppy and worked from home, so we were together 24/7 as they say. We both suffered separation anxiety if I was on vacation or gone for any length of time. I literally felt an ache in my heart when he crossed over on 9/21/99. He died at a specialist's office 1-1/2 hours from my home. I left him there to be cremated and they sent me his remains in the mail one week later. I cried when I got them of course. But I calmed down and went back to my computer for my home-based business. I put Sandy's ashes next to a toilet because that is where he liked to lay, next to the cool porcelain. We were going to bury his ashes under a pampas bush in our back yard that weekend when my husband got home from travel.

    Two hours after I placed the ashes there, I used the bathroom and I looked down, and out loud told Sandy that I loved him and missed him. The words were no sooner out of my mouth than a gold light rose off of the box of ashes, that I saw with my own eyes. As I said, I was very clear headed, and clear eyes for the two hours before that. I was home alone and I said out loud" what the hec was that?" It was a golf ball size, gold light that dissipated before it hit the ceiling, but I clearly remember having to tilt my head up to watch the light rise above my head.

    I called my husband and son and sister and sister-in-law and asked them all did they want to hear about my miracle. I absolutely knew I had just been blessed by a miracle. To my surprise, they were all very interested, and not even skeptical. I think because they know me so well, that I am pretty level-headed, not prone to fantasy at all -- so my credibility really helped people believe my story I think.

    Sandy had battled cancer, mast cell disease, for three years, from a sore on his mouth. Backing up a little. I had seen James Van Praagh on a Larry King Live t.v. show one time and found him very interesting. I picked up his paper back "Talking to Heaven" in the grocery store impulsively after that, a couple of months before Sandy died. He had a couple of wonderful stories in the book bringing pets through that had crossed. One remarkable story about a dog named Charlie was so moving to me, brought through with such detail. I started crying very hard. My daughter came home from being out and asked why I was crying. I told her I felt that story was preparing me to lose Sandy soon, and that I was happy and sad -- sad to lose Sandy, but happy to think he has a soul and is eternal and I will see him again some day.

    As I said, he died about two months after I had read that book. I went to Barnes and Nobles the day after my light experience. I had never even heard of "new age" when I found myself in that aisle of the bookstore. I bought probably 5 or 6 books. I now know (20/20 hindsight) that my purchases were completely divinely led, without a doubt. Every single book I bought had stories of pets in the afterlife, some an entire chapter. I read each book cover to cover, about near death experiencers who saw their beloved pets when they briefly crossed over. I was just so blessed by all the stories I read, and just knew in my heart I would see Sandy again some day. It truly lightened my heavy heart, which I later learned is exactly what it was meant to do.

    My light experience was on a Wednesday. By that Friday I started doubting my experience. I had three people that day, a friend, my brother-in-law, and my husband, tell me in the exact same words "why are you doubting it, why don't you just accept it. This was before I completed my story to each of them that I thought perhaps a gold nugget necklace I wear may have caused the light, but none of them let me finish my story that I could not duplicate the reflection in that bathroom from the necklace, as had happened in my office with a window. Because that room is the type of bathroom (my master bath) where the toilet is in its own tiny dark room, so nothing could have possibly reflected off the necklace in there, and besides, that reflection, from the necklace in my office, was absolutely nothing like the round gold ball I witnessed. But to have all three of these people say the exact words, without letting me finish my story was a HUGE confirmation to me that the event happened for sure. I have never for one minute doubted it since.

    I went on to find and one oft he books I bought was Hello from Heaven by the Guggenheim's. I visited their ADC site for a long time, sharing my gold light story. I read John Edward's books, One Last Time and loved his t.v. show Crossing Over. I learned about the importance of the number 3 -- a strong spiritual number and recalled the three people in my life, on the same day telling me to accept my miracle and not to question it. I learned from John Edward's book in a meditation exercise about gold representing pure love.

    My daughter and I even saw John Edward in person in Charlotte, NC. I was not read, but I was the first person in an audience of 1000 to ask him a question about pets in the afterlife.

    Even after my gold orb, I went almost 7 full years not knowing much about "orbs." Then I visited the town of Lily Dale last July 4th in New York State. There people got amazing orb shots on their digital cameras during a ghost walk at night. I had left mine in my room. The next night I went back to the old Maplewood Hotel and got amazing orb shots. That was my first experience with capturing orbs on digital camera. So when I got back home to South Carolina, I decided to see if I could capture orbs in my back yard, where my two beloved Pomeranian's ashes are buried (TJ died at 14 1/2 just last summer). And lo and behold, I get awesome orb shots in my back yard. I have captured what I even believe to be both Sandy and TJ's likness in orbs over their respective pampas burial bush!!

    I began communicating with my mom who used to visit and like to swing in my hammock. I get a repeat beautiful pastel orb I believe to be my mom in spirit around my hammock.

    I sing happy birthday to my loved ones who have crossed, and get a very bright orb after I sing happy birthday to them.

    I asked a dear family friend to come through who crossed over in an auto accident and got a very bright orb alone, and the next shot, the same orb with 16 other orbs -- just like Jonathan, he had so many friends and was so well liked. I laughed out loud that he returned with 16 family and friends. I have gone on to capture that same orb six different times and dates.

    I have met a man on the Internet who enhances the orbs and brings out the natural colors in them and he is absolutely blown away at the capture of this same orb on six different occasions. And I have a couple of other repeats also. He said he has only seen this twice in all his years experience photographing and seeing other peoples' orbs. He does absolutely amazing things with these orbs. They are beautiful colors, NOT just white circles!!!

    Well, enough about me. Please feel free to share my story about my gold light. I will send several of my favorite orb shots. I can also invite people to see them on Snapfish and Photobucket as I have them downloaded there also. I just moved 1425 orb pictures off my computer to Snapfish last weekend.

    I get orb pictures every time I take them (which is most days). I just started getting them in my home this past Christmas, at a party and my pets.

    Julie's Story




    Here is a story about my favorite sign from my little boy, Ward, who passed due to drowning in late July, 2005.

    I've had many signs and messages from my little boy, but the clover message is the best, I think.

    I am a person who finds four leaf clovers very easily. I look down when walking through the grass and find them. I used to find them when Ward and I were on walks and give them to him.

    We had a friend who is a glass artist offer to make a piece of pressed flower art for Wardie after he passed. I went over and we meticulously discussed every detail - I picked out flowers, leaves, glass colors, the shape of the arrangement, the size. As I was leaving the studio, I paused on the steps, and thought how I'd really like a 4-leaved clover in the piece. I thought, I could find one, but then he'd have to press and preserve it, and it might take me a while to find one, and I don't want this piece to get put on the back burner and not get done. And, I thought I'd really like a butterfly in there, but I didn't want to catch and kill one. So, I went on home without saying anything.

    The next day I found a lovely dead butterfly under my husband's car when he pulled out of the garage. I took it over to be used in the arrangement.

    A week or so later he called me to let me know it was ready. When I got there, he was very apologetic, and said he needed to explain something first. He said he'd had Ward's photo out, with a candle burning and soft music playing, the previous evening when he'd been making the arrangement. He got all the flowers in place, along with locks of Wards' hair and a sprinkling of his ashes, and was reaching for the top piece of glass to finish it, when he heard a soft voice tell him he needed to put a lucky clover in. He said he didn't hesitate, but went straight to a book of pressed clovers he had, and turned to a small one that fit perfectly in the only space left for it.

    So, Ward told him to put a clover in the piece for me, and thank goodness he let himself hear it. The piece has ashes in it, too, you know. I was sending a package to the little girl who is the recipient of several of his organs, and had just learned her name from the organ donation people, and to see that her name is Ashlynn "Ashy" Clover just filled me with a wash of beautiful peace. I heard angels singing and heard Ward laughing with delight. I can't understand everything, but I can have faith that there's a plan, and that Ward is okay, and that he loves us so much. It makes me smile to think that he gave a Lucky Clover - a lucky Ashy Clover.

    I still find clovers at meaningful times. I "found" a clover right before we met the little girl's family - on the front page of a newspaper with a story about Ward's memorial playground, that I had saved from a year previous. It was a big 4-H clover, right at the top of the page. I found the newspaper when I was cleaning frantically and nervous about meeting the family - it gave me SO much comfort. And I found a five-leaved clover on his 4th birthday at his playground, while I was filling up balloons to release in celebration of him - it was like he said, I'm still here, we're still a family of five. And I've found lucky clovers twice in the past week or so - they are always a precious hello from my son.

    To see the park named as a tribute to Ward, please go to: Click here!

    Gary's Story From the Beginning


    The following story is part of several life experiences that occurred over my 52 years on this earth. I believe that in each occurrence there is compelling evidence that Guardian Angels carefully watch over, guide and protect us as we venture through our life journey.

    I have shared these stories with only a few people that I’m close to. As I become older and wiser, it has become apparent that I have had more then my fair share of close calls.These stories and life experiences had no meaning until my Mom and Daughter passed away.

    It started innocently enough; it was a picture perfect summer morning back in July of 1962. I was seven years old. The details of this day are still vivid in my mind. I remember going next door to play with the other kids in the neighborhood. We sat on the swings and talked about building a tree fort. As we swung back and fourth reaching for the sky with our feet trying to see how high we could go, a bee came whooshing past my cheek. At first I didn’t think anything of it. But then another one almost hit me in the eye. Realizing that something was wrong, I motioned for my friend to stop. What’s wrong he said? There are too many bees around here I replied. I quickly started to scan the area for a bee hive. There, look there..the bees are going into that hole behind us. We pondered what to do and in my “infinite wisdom” I decided to plug the hole with a rock. We stood back and watched as the yellow jacket bees returned to their nest only to find the rock barrier covering their hole. The swarm became increasingly larger with each passing minute until there were hundreds maybe thousands of angry bees swarming the ground around us.

    All of a sudden my friend was stung on his arm and he bolted toward his house. The bees agitated by his sudden burst of movement quickly pursued and I ran right behind him as fast as my little legs could carry me. He made it to the screen porch screaming and waving his hands at the bees. As I neared the porch my luck ran out and I tripped on the garden hose falling face first to the ground. The bees quickly covered my little body from head to foot and began stinging me with vengeance. I rolled on the ground trying to get them off of me but it was futile. My screams could be heard by my friend’s mother who quickly came outside and turned on the water hose to begin spraying the bees off of me. My Mom and Dad heard my screams too and came running over only to find that I was limp and unconscious and barley breathing on the ground.

    I can remember at one point feeling a “calm” rush through my body. I no longer felt any pain or fear. It was a feeling of complete surrender. I suspect this was right before I passed out. The next thing I remember was slouched over in the front seat of my Dads car. Through the slits of my eyes I could vaguely make out my Dads right leg and the car seat fabric. I heard my Mom say that the hospital wanted a dead bee for the anti serum. This was my last and final memory of this event. I awoke 3 days later in the hospital’s ICU after being in a coma.

    For the next 10 years I had to get a “bee” shot each and every week. As I got older my Mom told me what had happened to me at the hospital. My heart stopped and they were able to bring me back. I had sustained over 1000 bee stings to my body that day. The doctors told my Mom it was a miracle that I survived so many stings.

    NOTE: Although there was no way for Gary to know at this young age what was beginning to happen deep within himself, it is and will become more apparent as more death defying stories are added about his life. Although at death's door, it was not and still is not his time to leave. You will see his personal spiritual growth in action as you follow his stories. Also, see Gary's "Visualization" story by clicking on the "Modalities" button on the menu and then going to "Self-Hypnosis" and to "Visualization". This story could have easily been posted on the "Self-Healing" page as "Visualization" is part of "Self-Healing".

    Gary's Story About Melissa


    After our daughter Melissa passed 27 months ago in an automobile accident, we've been very blessed to have received every ADC you can possibly imagine. (See Album #4).

    Like so many on the board, her passing has triggered "an awakening," of Spirituality, my Mind and body has developed into a finely attuned instrument open to limitless possibilities. And like a sponge, I absorb everything and anything in order to satisfy my strong desire to understand our world and the world hereafter.

    Spirit Orbs are often overlooked and discounted as a "flaw" in a photo by the average person. Think of all those very precious pictures of our loved ones who try so hard get noticed, but instead are thought of as a simple reflection, dust particle or smudge. Only those of us who truly "believe" and have become sensitized to our world's unlimited possibilities understand that our loved ones really do live on, Spirit is the essence of life simply occupying space at a different vibration level then ours.

    I've had the same Canon digital camera for three years now. It's a great camera that takes excellent pictures under all conditions. I’ve taken literally thousands of pictures with it for personal pleasure and work related projects and never once had a Spirit Orb appear anywhere. After Mel passed I took countless pictures during the Holidays hoping that maybe...just maybe I would get a glimpse of her somehow. But unfortunately it never happened. That is until this Christmas when her true essence appeared next to her sister Jen.

    Yesterday we had our session about Spirit Orbs on this message board. Mel knows how fascinated I am with them. So, sensing her presence last night I told her that I was going to find her in the house and I asked her to appear in the form of a Spirit Orb. I started taking pictures all over the place. I talked to her as I was doing so. When I took pictures, I took 2 from each position as a form of redundancy and validation. Because of my Engineering background, I’m very much the perfectionist and a detail oriented person (almost to a fault). I downloaded the pictures into the computer and guess first Orb appeared near the Christmas tree!

    I decided to do something a little more fun and told her, "lets play a game." You hide and let me find you. Again I took a dozen pictures. Once again I was rewarded with another Spirit Orb. This went on for 4 consecutive sessions. Melissa's younger sister, Heather even joined in, playing "hide and seek" for 30 minutes! and each time we captured Melissa's Orb. I was truly elated!

    While they are not as strong as some that I've seen, I have to give her credit for her first attempt. I believe that they will get stronger and brighter as time goes on. Also, I've included another picture of a Spirit Orb that's not mine, but from my collection. It is very special because it possesses a lot of energy and is taken outside. I think you'll like it.

    I would be happy to help you out any way that you feel would be appropriate. As long as you realize that I'm no expert or authority on the subject. Just a simple guy searching for more then my eyes can see.

    When I used my Digital Camera I had it in the Auto-focus setting with the flash “On”. A Digital Camera is far more sensitive to light then a conventional camera because of the CCD sensor which is essentially an electronic eye. It converts light into an electronic charge at discrete individual points called pixels. The more pixels your camera has the better the resolution and picture clarity.

    My session started by saying a prayer, and then asking her to present herself as a Spirit Orb. For me it wasn’t a question of would she appear, it was how many pictures must I take before I catch her and where would she be hiding. I like to look at it this way, think about how much you love the person you are trying to communicate with. And then remember…they love you just as much or more from the other side. So believe me when I say that they want to contact you as much as you want to contact them. If you present the opportunity to communicate, your loved one will reciprocate provided it is appropriate and within their capabilities.

    Gary's 50' Fall


    This is the second of a five parts. There are certain childhood events that we all experience growing up. Many of us have had bumps, bruises and the occasional broken bone. Many of our fondest childhood memories take us back to the care free days when all we cared about was that last day of school, and the commencement of summer vacation. Having fun with our friends and family, a backyard barbeque, camping, riding your bike, building a fort in the woods, playing kickball, baseball and hide & seek. These are some of the fun activities that kept “my generation” entertained and amused throughout the summer months.

    The recent loss of my daughter, the acceptance of her transition and her continued persistent effort to breath new life and meaning into my very existence has caused me to reevaluate my life journey like never before. They say everything happens for a reason, that we each have a purpose, a mission to fulfill on this earthly plane. In retrospect, as I now look back at certain childhood experiences that have left a permanent life long “imprint,” in my memory. I began to ask myself why is it that I remember these death defying childhood events that could have easily turned out so tragically different. Perhaps even abruptly ending the journey I was destined to fulfill.

    This story takes place to the best of my knowledge when I was about 12 yrs old. I can remember my friends and me scouting about in the woods for the ideal place to build a tree fort. We were fortunate to find three large pine trees that pretty much formed an Equilateral Triangle that would be perfect. We had the timber we needed to create the frame and floor of the tree house, now all that was needed was for one of us to climb up the tree. Everyone agreed that I was the best tree climber so I started climbing. The goal was to get as high up the tree as I could or until the rope reached its end and then a bucket with hammer and nails would be tied to it followed by the individual pieces of wood. Basically it was my job to get the materials to the job site and hammer the floor supports in place. It’s funny how when you are younger, you never think about falling or the consequences of your action if you make a mistake. All we could think about was all the fun we were going to have in our secret fort way up in the tree tops.

    As I slowly made my way up the 70-80 foot pine tree I can remember looking down at my friends with excitement. They were helping to guide my progress by yelling out how much rope we had left still on the ground. The further up the tree I climbed, the smaller the branches became so I had to be very careful where I placed my feet. I heard someone yell that I reached the end of the rope and I began to untie it from around my waist; I was now about 50 feet up into the tree. Every once in a while the wind would blow and the tree would sway back and forth, I can remember having to wrap my legs firmly around the tree trunk to hold on. As I was trying to tie the rope to the tree, the branch that was supporting my two feet suddenly snapped and I was propelled outward away from the tree. I instinctively tried to grab a branch but could only grasp a handful of pine needles. I began to fall feet first in between two of the trees. I can remember the sound of cracking branches as I fell.

    My memory can still recall a small image of branches brushing past my face. During the fall, I remember everything started to move in what seamed like slow motion, and for some reason I wasn’t afraid. A thought entered my head that told me to put both arms straight out. This was just a random thought that came out of no where. I put my arms out, and within moments of doing so my fall suddenly & amazingly stopped. I opened my eyes and I could feel a solid branch under my right and left arm gently supporting me. My feet were now dangling below me about 10 feet off of the ground. My friends asked if I was O.K., and I said “I think so”. One of my friends then ran home to get a step ladder and I was able to safely climb down from the tree. I had a few scratches here and there. There were no bruises under my arms where the branches caught and cradled me safely until help arrived. We never did build that tree fort. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

    Debbie's Story About Stephen


    Stephen was a thirteen year old child who lost his life in a fire when he was trying to save his mom and pet. He transitioned about 23 years ago. He was the best friend of Debbie's son. To see photographs of a recently taken picture, please go to the "Manifestation Album" from the "Photo Album" link on the menu.

    I am sure it is him. He would be 30 years old today. He was the same age as my son. They were in the same class. He has come to visit my son many times after he bought the house.

    My son would put his candle out before he went to bed and woke up on more than one occasion in the middle of the night and it was going. Now you have to know my son because he is a stick in the mud when it comes to putting out candles or fires that are in his pit. He always makes sure they are out.That freaked him out and he said he knew it was Stephen.

    Another time they were having a bad storm and there were 4 plastic chairs in front of his fire pit.(no fire of course) and the wind picked up and blew all the chairs but the one right in front of the pit and that one should have gone too! Kevin said he knew that Stephen was sitting there.

    My son would shut his extra bed room doors at night only to find them open in the morning. LOL Stephen use to love to pull little jokes in his short life and we know he is still doing it.

    Debbie's Story


    My name is Debbie and I am from Maine!! This summer I was taking pictures when I got this one and wasn't to sure who it could be. I knew that one was my best friend Penni that died of Breast cancer in 2003, but was not sure who was with her.I knew she has lost a baby and maybe it was her little girl.

    My first thought was to send it to a psychic to see what they got. I sent it to more than one but Dianne picked up on some thing no one else did. When she said it was a young boy about 13. My jaw dropped!! We conversed and I had know for some time that my cousin was around me and he had been for a while. He would come through with other readings. What did not come through was that he was caught between our world and the other side. My heart broke when I realized this. Dianne helped me and told me what to do!! It was hard!! He died in 1960. He had a bad heart and went to Boston Mass for open heart surgery. This was December 16,1960. He was suppose to be home for Christmas. He passed away on the operating table. It devastated what was left of a broken Family!!

    Now I was being told that I had to help him cross over!! I was just a little girl when de died and I could not believe all this time he was here but it's true! Now it was up to me to set him free!! Dianne told me that I would know when he had crossed over. Ya right! I had NEVER done this before and was NOT a psychic,how was I going to know when he was with God?

    I took 3 candles, a picture of him, me and his brother. We all lived together and were close when I was very young. I wrote one note that said "Dicky go to the light, Go to God!!" and another that said " I love you and come back when you can!" As I prayed and told him to go to God, to go to the light, a blue cloud appeared and I thought how beautiful and as quickly as I had that thought the cloud turned into angel’s beautiful light and blue angels that were blowing trumphets!! I have never experienced any thing like that. I knew at that moment that Dicky was with God and O.K. What a Blessing!! That is the first time I have ever helped anyone cross over. What a beautiful experience!! God is Good and Dicky is Home!!

    Love, light,and spirit Blessings!!

    To see the ectoplasm of these loved ones, please go to the "Photo Albums" on the menu and to the album entitled "Ectoplasm". Debbie also has orbs of her best friend in the United Friends of Orb's slideshow listed on the menu.

    Wayne's Story -


    Several years ago my friend Will came for an unexpected visit one Friday morning. We had a coffee and made some plans for the following Sunday. He stayed for about a half hour then went back to work. My wife and I had another coffee at the kitchen table. All of a sudden there was this clicking sound at the window. It was a bird; a small finch with reddish neck feathers and it was trying to get our attention as it went from window to window. We both wondered what was wrong with it. It seemed as though it wanted to tell us something. I only wished that Will would have stayed longer as he would find that so interesting. The bird finally flew away.

    I finished work about 5:30 pm that day and came home and started to read the newspaper. The telephone rang and I answered it. It was will's wife and she was hysterical. Finally her daughter got on the phone and said that her dad (Will) had just died. Well I was just devastated. My friend for several years was gone. It was the long Easter weekend in April. The funeral and the wake were very hard for me. I cried so much from this even more than I did for my own mom and dad.

    Several days later Will's widow came to visit. I was will's closest friend and she wanted me to have some of the books that he collected over the years. We sat at the kitchen table and had a coffee or tea. We were close to tears as it was only two days after his funeral. We all agreed that it was a shock as he suffered a massive heart attack. We said that perhaps it is better this way than having a prolonged illness. Then I thought, I wonder how his spirit is doing. There was silence.

    In a minute there was a clicking sound at the window. It startled all of us it was a beautiful Bluebird. I had never seen a bluebird before. They are rare up in Canada. The bird hovered at each window and we all got close to see it. I think it was the most beautiful blue that I ever saw. We all felt so good for a while and we all thought the same. We thought that Will sent a messenger to let us know that all was well.

    So, it seems to me that birds do indeed bring messages. The first bird had a message that we didn't understand. I often wondered that if I had called Will back would he be alive today.

    Shirley's Story


    Hi, Joyce

    I'm the one who sent you the picture from May of my grandaughter with the finger projection orbs in the link "Other Manifestations". Her picture is in the 4th row down about 2/3 of the way across. We have a new one now - my husband Scott took it with his phone. He KNEW it was not there when he snapped the picture. Feel free to post.

    Also..........I'm attaching two more pictures of what look like handprints on my bathroom mirror. We took them with my phone. I had to recreate a scene from CSI - haha - since mirrors only reflect instead of showing what is actually on them - so I dusted both handprints with powder so they would stand out. Looking back I remember that some kind of smudges, always in the same spot, show up periodically on this mirror even though I clean it - I just failed to wonder why they don't stay gone. There's no way I would be making such large smudges - nothing I might splatter would make something that large and ALWAYS in the same spot. I didn't realize what they actually were until my mother-in-law started joking with me about leaning across the sink and leaving handprints on the mirror!

    I've noticed strange occurrences since my father died in January - down to the cool breezes across my right shoulder at work, and the mahogany bookcase that he used to have shaking noticeably when I started (without touching it) to put something back on the top after it fell off like it had been pushed or pitched off. I've noticed things whizzing by my peripheral vision periodically at home and usually with a light beige/ecru shirt. I had given him a flannel shirt this shade a few years ago since I thought he looked so good in light colors - it really seemed to brighten up his skin tone.

    I occasionally have dreams that we're visiting - one having to do with packing up and discussing Mom who died in 2000 - I remember agreeing that he now is able or will be able to see her again. See "Manifestation" album, photos dated 3/15/09, to see the pictures Shirley is speaking about.



                                                                    Shirley and Her Boys


    Shirley sent me four pictures to look at to see if I thought these were true orbs. I asked if she had any loved ones who had transitioned. This is her reply:

    Three of my grandparents are gone but to be honest with you I was not close to them and they did not meet neither of my children.

    We have seen apparitions - my oldest boy has been seeing them since he was 5 years old and the other night my youngest who sleeps with me was pointing at the ceiling telling me "you see it mommy" but I'm blind without my contacts so I saw nothing - after I had my youngest say about two and a half years ago I started seeing this young boy that actually resembles my oldest son. I have a mirror right in front of my sink (weird I guess it's a FL thing) and the four times I have seen him its via the mirror while I'm washing dishes - which means he has to be solid/mass - the first time he ducked and ran across, then the other times it was as if he grew bold and looked at me as he walked across - I of course got the willies but it's bee a while since I haven't seen him again. However orbs I have never seen - for example I took those pictures and they were definitely not visible to the naked eye when I was taking the pictures.

    Of course you can use my pictures on your website Joyce! I will continue to go thru my other pictures because I am sure I have seen them before but never as strong as #42 - that is when I was like okay this cannot be just a speck on the lens!! Thank you so much for answering my emails.

    Shirley's wonderful pictures can be seen in the "Orb" album under the date of 3/17/09.

    Gary's Ghost Hunting


    I had my first "Ghost Hunt" at Sloss furnace and the "Kings" mansion at the university of Montavello

    For the most part I had a wonderful time and experiences at both locations. I had an opportunity to work with the likes of Chris Fleming, Patrick Burns and many other professional investigators. Aside from the heavy rain and lightning that stayed with us from 7:00pm to 4:00am while we were locked in Sloss. Here are a few of the unusual things that I witnessed during the investigation.

    1. While up on a catwalk about 15 feet above the compressor room, one of my team mates was pushed about 2 feet to the side just as he reached the end of the support rail. He actually was pushed off balance with force.

    2. During a "spirit box" session, one of the girls next to me was changing the batteries in her camera. While the batteries were in her had, the camera imploded. It sounded like a firecracker going off. Her hands were bright red after this happened.

    3. Also, during the box session I was visualizing being shrouded by white light. While doing this, someone stroked the side of my the side of my face from the top of my head to my chin two times. I felt total compassion and love. While this was happening, the temperature dropped about 11 degrees. The person next to me quickly felt the temperature drop. A girl about 4 feet away from me captured an EVP of a woman saying..."help me" at the same time. It was amazing.

    I felt this same wall of cold hit me while I was investigating the tunnel. It was like a wall of cold moving very slowly thru me.

    4. While we were moving thru the tunnel, I heard an EVP recorder turn on and start playing by itself . Then another and then another turned on. 3 recorders all held by different people started to play simultaneously...within a few seconds of each other.

    Some of the girls got their butts pinched and captured some nasty EVP's. I heard one EVP of a man saying "get outta here bitch" I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

    While in the King Mansion, Chris and I were doing an Ovilus session When we didn't have any luck with that, I went to the master bedroom and did a private EVP session. About 2 minutes into the session, I captured a "gunshot" EVP. I have to say that when I first listened to it...I jumped. I still have hours of recordings to listen to.

    The Mel meter was a big hit as well. Many of the investigators had interesting experiences with direct responses to questions. The Temperature combined with EMF along with the built in flashlight proved to be a tremendous asset.

    That's all for now....


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