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To see more pictures of orbs as well as other paranormal activities such as "Manifestations, "Other Anomalies", "Orbs", "Ectoplasm", "Andrea's Album", "Patti's Albums #1,#2, and #3", "Andre's Album", "Deb Stahl's Album", "Debbie's Album, "Orb Conference - Joyce", "Orb Conference - Patti", as well as our own personal album #1, #2 and #3, please click on the "Photo Album" button of the menu. For film clips on anomalies and other spirit visitation, click on "Video Activity", or "Activies@Deb's" page, although there are video clips throughout the site. Be it auras, EVPs, EMF, proof of the afterlife and reincarnation, spirit visitation is possible and is happening everyday and this site is only one step into the paranormal realities.
Ethereal Thoughts

Orb Only Shows Up By One Person


Recently this beautiful young woman was strolling the beach with her friends around midnight on 8/31/12, for a spiritual cleansing under a full moon. This young lady has strong "powers of intuition", and although she doesn't know who this spirit might be, she said "I know that I felt safe. It seemed familiar." Up until this point, she never had heard of orbs, although one of her friends knew about them.

The picture on the left was the first one taken. According to this young woman the others in her group took photos in the same position trying to get the same result. After failing attempts, she posed again and the photo on the right appeared.

For those of us who work with orbs/spirits, know how fast they move, and the very fact that this orb once again appeared just in front of her shows that when spirit wants to connect or merge with us, they will. The odds of statistics in unbelievable that this is a coincidence - a word we personally do not believe in. Again we disprove the "dust theory". Had dust been on the lens of the camera, it would have shown up on the photos of her friends who were trying to get the same results. One only has to look at the orb itself to see that it is the same orb in both photos.

A Perfect Example


This is a great example of a perfect orb with a textured nucleus and a thicker outline, but it also has a lot to teach. Notice that the sky is overcast in England on this particular day. The orb is strong enough to block out Kathryn's hair, but is positioned in away that you can see how lighter the back blue rail looks as the orb extends past Kathryn's body. Because orbs are not reflections, but produce their own light from within due to an excited state of electrons, you can see how it reflects a little of the blue from the front rail on to its left side. One can easily assume that the smaller and lighter orb on the edge of the house is just lens flare from the brightness of this orb reflecting directly into the camera and then bouncing back into the photograph itself, which would be consistent with the angle of the camera lens. The orb appears to be located between Kathryn's body and the glove on her hand. Any dust theory by a skeptic can be easily explained away because of this photo. Had a dust particle been on the camera lens, it would have had to appear in front of the front rail and it is easy to see that the lens itself was some distance away from the orb. Photograph submitted by Kathryn Ellershaw, Durham, United Kingdom.

Huge Orb by Patti McCullough


Compare the size of the orb to the tree itself and you can certainly see this is a true orb and not dust, pollen, or a bug. Notice the tremendous amount of energy radiating outside the orb itself.

How Do They Do What They Do?


After reading and seeing this page, most people understand "why" spirits do what they do, but to understand "how" spirit can do what they do, please refer to the explanation on the "ADC and ITC" page of the site. It may really surprise you to see how normal and natural their visits are, how they can affect and manipulate things, and even speak to us.

There is also a photo and explanation of what some people refer to as "Shadow People" on the "ADC and ITC" page.


On September 11, 2012, four American heroes were murdered at the Benghazi, Libya consulate compound: Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, and Ambassador Chris Stevens. This orb was caught on camera at the compound, and I just felt compelled to honor these four wonderful Americans by posting this incredible orb.

Videos of Moving Orbs


       There are videos of moving orbs and plasma on both the "Activities@Deb's" page and on the "Videos of Activities" page.

Orbs and Veils


The following video details not only "veils", but proves not all orbs are dust, pollen, bugs, or moisture - but in fact ARE ENERGY. PLEASE NOTE the above picture as the camcorder portion of my camera did not pick it up as good and it is the first and most important picture in the video when it comes to comparison. The red dot you will see in some of the photos are a result of the light on my camcorder. Most of these veils were submitted by Patti and Debbie but these orbs, veils, giving us a new thought process on the invisible EM field vs. actual visual movement.

To see the "veils" much clearer, please see the "Other Anomalies" album.

Underwater Orbs


Underwater orbs certainly rule out dust, pollen, or moisture. To find out more about underwater orbs read articles on Joan Ocean and others. Dr. Ocean lives in Hawaii and is an Oceanographer that loves to work with dolphins. She has some fantastic information and pictures of the orbs she has captured on film while swimming with the dolphins, and has made a fantastic video of close up shots. Also, on the "Inspirational" page of this site is a video of more orbs my two nephews captured in March, 2011 while sea diving in Cozumel.

Joshua Still Lives On!


Picture of Star and her brother, Joshua (orb), three months after his transition. This picture was taken as Star was talking to her brother and asking if he could see how beautiful the surroundings were. The bonds of love cannot be broken through death of the physical body. The energy of spirits is only a lower energy frequency, and communication can occur with the use of modern technology and an open heart and mind.

For more information on Josh and his family and the wonderful ways he communicates, Click   Other Stories.

What Are Orbs?


Let's talk about "orbs". Orbs are energy. So many people ask about orbs and the validity of colored orbs as perhaps being dust, water drops, smudges on the camera, etc. We know that white is not a color, but the manifestation of all color - the complete energy of the light spectrum, or at least the portion of the frequencies/vibration that our restricted eyes and cameras can see.

Some orbs are a brilliant solid white, while others have a design, not fully filled in the center. Could this mean that the unfilled orbs are the newer transitioned spirits that have not yet moved on to a different frequency level yet and are still working on their spiritual development? In other words, old souls or perfected souls may be solid in color versus the newer soul which still has work to do in their growth period. There is more information below on this subject. Although this is just a theory, I would be more inclined to say that orbs that are not fully formed, are much more probable to be that they just have not completed forming yet or have started to disapate.

Although it is true that certain orbs are caused by dust, water, or light reflection, the best way to determine if they are real or not is to study them, interact with them, lighten, darken or change the contrast, and study the shape and the environment you are in while photographing. Shape alone cannot be used as the only tool as the shutters of various cameras are made different and can affect the shape, usually making them look octagon instead of a true sphere.

Spirit orbs are normally a complete circle with a denser outline and often filled with texture, except when moving, while dust or other anomalies result in various shapes such as disfigured circles, squares, triangles, etc. Reflections caused by small bugs in flight typically cause unusual shapes and often are made up of different colors radiating above, along side of, or below the shape itself because of the flash causing a reflection off the energy frequency itself.

Those orbs caused by water are very small as there are only two sizes. One is a sphere and the other like the top of a hamburger bun. The first is a smaller drop and the second is bigger and its shape changes as a result of an upward draft. Please read the "Scientific Study" page for tests done on raindrops. Raindrops for all intensive means looks like raindrops even if they are on the lens itself. By using your zoom feature of your camera, you can increae the size of a droplet of water but it will never have the typical thicker outerband or texture in the nucleous.

One suggestion would be to never take just one photo of any scene you are trying to capture. If there is a smudge on your lens, then it should show up in all pictures. If you do not move, then any reflection off of a shiny object within the area or room should should also show up in the same photos. If an orb appears in one photo, but not the previous or prior one, then chances are you are getting a true spirit orb, as dust normally does not move as fast as you can flash a second or third picture, however, energy can. Although insects can fly fast, their shape will be different.

Be aware of your surroundings. Has someone just walked through the room where they may have caused dust to fly into the air, keeping in mind that in order for dust to be captured it must be either on the lens of the camera, or within a couple of inches from the lens? Is it summer and are there windows or doors open where dust or small insects could be in the room, or are you outside or in an old building? Typically, I try to take pictures from a sitting position so as not to set off any hidden dust, and not walking into the area where I want to take the picture. This is an important aspect as you can tell from the photos shown in Album #1, where I was sitting in a chair and you could see the energy moving across the various frames into different locations.

Orbs can appear white, from transulcent to dense, but are often found in a range of other colors. Most bugs and dust are not white, but are different colors and will show up that way. When you capture a bright white circular orb, chances are you have caught a spirit and not one of the other possibilities. Although most people get excited over capturing big orbs on camera, remember that the smaller dense orbs actually have more energy then the larger translucent ones.

Often you will hear people speak about orbs showing up at specific events such as around children, weddings, religious ceremonies, etc., but science is proving it is not the event BUT the frequency that is being sent out that is resonating with spirit energy.

By pointing your camera towards the sun you will always get some type of anomaly. One interesting fact is that 40 octaves above our hearing range, soundwaves (which are lower) will become light (which are higher in frequency). This has to make one wonder why so many sguiggles of various colors are seen at concerts when the people themselves are radiating a higher frequency themselves due to the occasion and the music.

I try hard not to use the words "ghost", "ghost stories" and ghost pictures", but prefer to use the words "orbs" or "spirit photographs" as I view them not of a paranormal phenomenon, but the reality of universal law. Quantum Physics has proven "The Truth is Out There", and what we think of being reality is only a temporary illusion while in the physical realm.

To see more about water/moisture/bug/dust/camera flash/and other mistaken pictures, please refer to the "Photo Mistakes" page located on the menu.


The orb on the left was captured by Patti. The one on the right is for comparison, and is the one taken by scientists for the purpose of explaining plasma. It is obvious that we cannot expect an everyday camera to be as clear and sharp as the one taken with such high tech equipment, nor can we expect to duplicate any orb as each is as individual as we are. By comparison, I believe these two pictures prove that the spheres are close enough to prove that orbs as we know them are much closer to the scientific explanation then to the dust, moisture theory that floats around.

The picture on the right and the quoted material below is not referred to as an "Orb" according to Wikipedia, but I believe it gives us the answer to why we capture orbs in photographs. For further information on this subject and for copyright rules and regulations, please refer to:

Why Can We Capture Orbs?


"The remnant of "Tycho's Supernova", a huge ball of expanding plasma. The blue outer shell arises from X-ray emission by high-speed electrons.

The colours are a result of relaxation of electrons in excited states to lower energy states after they have recombined with ions. These processes emit light in a spectrum characteristic of the gas being excited.

In physics and chemistry, plasma is a partially ionized gas, in which a certain proportion of electrons are free rather than being bound to an atom or molecule. The ability of the positive and negative charges to move somewhat independently makes the plasma electrically conductive so that it responds strongly to electromagnetic fields. Plasma therefore has properties quite unlike those of solids, liquids or gases and is considered to be a distinct state of matter. Plasma typically takes the form of neutral gas-like clouds, as seen, for example, in the case of stars. Like gas, plasma does not have a definite shape or a definite volume unless enclosed in a container, but unlike gas, in the influence of a magnetic field, it may form structures such as filaments, beams and double layers.....'

Orbs Behind Things Proving Distance


These orbs are all behind something which shows the distance of the orbs from the camera lens, which proves they are not dust, bugs, moisture, or pollen on or close to the camera lens. Because photographs are not dimensional, it is quite difficult to see distance unless they present themselves in this way.

Submitted and Copywritten by Ashakiran


Look at the distance from the hand to the water container and notice the reflection of the orb. This would be very expected because water is a very reflective source, but no piece of dust would reflect like this and you could never see it anyway at this distance.

Want to PROVE Orbs Are NOT Dust, Pollen, or Moisture?


Pic. #1 - Notice how this orb is blocking out the tree limb.
Pic. #2 - If you use your magnifier you can see that the thicker outerband is between the dark haired woman and the blond haired women. If you follow the band you will notice that the band does not appear on the left side of the lady's blond hair and just a small reflection of it shows up on the right.Pic. #3 - This is a fantastic photo to disprove dust on a lens or close to it a the orb is definitely between the leg of the woman in front and the man's blue sleeve of his shirt. Again dust cannot be seen at this distance from the lens.

Photos taken at a ceremony for spreading the ashes of this family's loved one.


These are some of the best photographs I’ve seen when it comes to disproving the dust, bug, moisture theory. I studied them for quite a while taking sun position, shade, and the direction and distance that the photos were taken from into consideration. In photo 1, you can see that this photo was taken from a left angle which disallows the reflection to be seen on the right side and causes the reflection to almost appear like an oblong. Photo 2, although still taken from a left angle was more to the right then the first photo, allowing the excited electrons to reflect more to the right of the orb itself. I have deliberately not shown the entire photos out of respect for the family as these photos were captured at an event for spreading the transitioned person’s ashes very recently, and their pain of grief is still very fresh.

1. The fact that orbs are caused by the process of fluorescence, which simply means it is the excited electrons within the orb that produces the light inside of itself, and orbs are not the result of getting a reflection off an orb due to the camera flash. Any source of light, and in this one, the flash of the camera is the source that excites the electrons which will be only 8 to 10 seconds in length. If you have a desktop magnifier, you will see what I truly believe is a well form orb – notice the thicker band around the outside, and a second object behind it which I believe is just the reflection from the orb itself. If you do not have a desktop magnifier, there is a link for a free one on the "Albums" page.

2. This one leaves me speechless for a couple different reasons. First of all I believe we are dealing with another reflection of the excited electrons as in #1, but mostly because it is so obvious that the orb's location was in front of the girl with the blond hair, but behind the person with a blue top standing to the left and in front of her. Notice how the thicker outer band can be seen very clearly over the dark haired person in the blue top, but does not show up like it should on the blond hair girl. If you take your cursor and draw an outline where the outer band should be, you will be able to tell that the orb is between the two people If anything, the thicker band should show up more prominently on the lighter hair, but only a small portion of energy shows up to the top right of her head which of course is the energy's reflection in that spot because of the lighter color which is more reflective naturally. Because of the unique way these orbs have presented themselves, it furthers the case against the dust, bug, moisture theory and really helps validate spirit visitation to those who are looking for the truth. Our readers from all over the world have sent photographs of many orbs and anomalies, and although there are a few where it is quite obvious the orb is behind something in a distance, these particular photographs are a real learning experience when it comes to ruling out theories, but most importantly validating the existence of orbs as part of the spiritual and natural world, and actually giving us correct perspective by placing themselves in front of and behind people which then not only allows us to validate their existence, but we can take one step further and actually get a better idea on how far they were away from the camera itself, plus the ability to see that they do infact light from within causing a reflection.

3. This photo to me is a researcher’s dream come true. You will notice a beautifully formed orb behind the lady in the dress and you can see how the color frequencies of the orb actually change her skin color. The most amazing things about this orb is that it is quite obvious it is behind the girl but still between her and the man’s shirt. This tells me two things. This cannot be dust, pollen or moisture on the lens or the outer band would have been on the shirt itself. It also tells me that chances are the spiritual being at this service was close to a person who she wanted to give a distinct message to. The contributor of these photos confirmed that it is most likely the gentleman’s mother, and both mother and son are the embodiment of the traits explained on the photo on the Religious Meanings of Items. This is the husband of the person who took the photographs and ironically (if there is such a thing), they have their home decorated with many stars of different shapes and sizes, another type of validation that “it is me" from his mom. Besides, that there was a psychic at the event that advised the husband that his mother was in attendance.

I would like to thank Sheila Browning of Texas for submitting these wonderful photographs.

What Our Eyes and Regular Camera's See


From the above picture, you can see that we as humans are very restricted in what part of the color spectrum we can actually see, as are regular cameras. Humans can typically see an electromagnetic radiation (or what is known as "visible light") from about 390 nm to 750 nm. An EM wave of 540 THz is in the middle of the visible-light spectrum. In order to capture the lower frequencies of the color spectrum we have to use an infrared camera which captures the electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer then that of visible light, and for the higher frequencies, we have to use an ultraviolet (UV) camera to capture the ultraviolet (UV) light that is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelengths shorter than that of visible light. To capture the entire spectrum there are full spectrum cameras and camcorders on the market today, ranging from inexpensive to very expensive, depending on your budget. Because we are so restricted in seeing these frequencies, one should learn to trust their peripheral/side vision as we are apt to see a little bit beyond regular frontal vision.

Summation of Science and Orbs


The following three presentations give a summation of science as it pertains to capturing orbs for those people who want a quick overview without wanting to read the "Scientific Study" page. Pictures taken and presented by Patti McCullough at an Orb Presentation in December.

Why Some Skeptics are Wrong


Electrons are tiny particles orbiting the outside of atoms and carry a negative charge. Positive ions are atoms or molecules that have lost an electron. Atoms and molecules normally have equal positive and negative charges, making them neutral. When there is an excess of electrons then it becomes a negative ion.

The earth overall has a negative charge but trees, sharp objects, poles, as well as other things on the surface will release a positive charge upward. Although not completely understood in the scientific world, it appears that concentrated electrical fields are needed to accelerate charged particles or ions.

Dust and pollen are considered mass and will be pulled down to the earth by the gravitational pull. Although electrons are attracted to the earth, they have so little mass it can well be ignored, so gravity isn't the force at work here - it's the electromagnetic force. Electrons have charge - negative, and are attracted to the earth - positive). Issac Newton proved that for a given electric field, the force on a positive charge is opposite in direction to the force on a negative charge.

In summary, dust and pollen (although they can be temporarilly caught in a cross or updraft) will be pulled to the ground via gravity. Orbs/energy, which are made up of negative ions, will be forced upward as can be seen by the contrails or tails in many pictures, including the one above.

Dust and pollen will not produce a change in the electromagnetic field, but the presence of orbs will.

Can Orbs Be Part of a Soul Group?


A new anomaly has been showing up more lately and the subject of "soul groups" have come to mind. This picture was chosen only to show the similar textured orbs that appears to be coming from a much larger bright white odd one. There are several other pictures in the "Other Anomalies" Album that appear to not only be odd in shape, but if looked at closely, they appear to be breaking apart into several orbs, or have the potential to do so. A new album called "Soul Groups" has also been added with even more pictures that seem to fall within this category. Additional pictures have been added below. These pictures have been submitted by Patti McCullough, a major orb contributor to this site.

Also seen are various colors in some of them, as well as texture and design. Since white is an accumulation of all colors of the spectrum, can it be possible for soul groups to first enter a lower frequency rate by traveling together, such as in the materialization/dematerialization experiments done (for more information on that subject, please refer to the "Scientific Study" page)? Does each color represent the age of each soul? Why are some thin while others are so dense, can it be because when traveling together prior to splitting off they appear dense and once split into several orbs it creates a large or smaller and almost translucent orb? Why are some smooth while others so textured? Can the textures be spaces where separate orbs were before splitting apart? Since each color has its own frequency, what is the meaning of the various colors, or do the colors result only from the variance in wavelength? The author of this site does not know the answers but believes the last reference is most likely the answer, but has put forth the questions for exploring and curious minds to consider.

The words "soul mate" tends to be used as a reference to a male/female relationship, however, many believe that "soul mates" are groups of individuals who stay together both on the spirit plane as well as in various incarnations, to help each other in overcoming obstacles in their spiritual growth.

NOTE 7/30/08 - As synchronicity works, I have received three pictures from separate people living in different states, but each showing a new trend. My instincts tell me my belief in the "soul group" theory and an area that needs a lot more research, not just by myself but others interested in this phenomenon.









In this photo you can see how the break-a-way part of the orbs seem to still be connected furthering the evidence that soul groups travel together prior to breaking apart.



Submitted by Natalie: I first caught these orbs taking pictures of our house after remodeling. Our house is only 50 years old and I took tons of pictures before we moved in with nothing odd in the pictures whatsoever. But now, man there everywhere! I've taken pictures with four cameras, all with the same results. Some were taken this winter and some just a couple days ago. Take a look! (Anomaly enlarged on bottom right of picture for better viewing.)

Thoughts on Orbs by Brian


I have just been reading that excellent article in the April May edition of the Nexus magazine, re that tantalising subject..... the Orbs.

In the article, it was suggested that these Orbs are being manipulated by human thought. Now... this comes as no surprise to me, for the following reasons.

The recognition by plant life to human emotion., telepathy, telekinesis, etc .......they all have one thing in common, they function with out time or velocity.

They are a "Simultaneous Transition."

On the other hand, instantaneously, means " the operation is in the shortest possible time" Time would be a destructive force in these circumstances

A Simultaneous Transition allows communications at any distance, in real time.

I am suggesting that when a Orb viewer thinks about the Orb, the the contact is shifted to the "transition level " which is in tune with the Orb. It is after all.... a Natural phenomena.

The scientific community has let done the people by with holding and not pursuing the truth, this has occurred in almost every discipline of research. They have a lot of catching up to do.

To read more of Brian's thoughts, please go to the "Scientic Studies" page.

Gary Blows Some Skeptic's Theories!


I've been busy re-modeling the basement with my daughter Heather. This is a project that Melissa and I started well before her transition. Melissa was always "bugging" me to create a space for her and her friends where they could go and play pool , ping pong and stuff like that.

We had completed the framing and electrical and then everything stopped. I vowed to never complete the basement, I just didn't have it in me. Then about 2-3 weeks ago, Heather started to "bug" me about finishing the basement. Her approach and the words she used to convince me to finish started to sound more and more like Melissa. I told my wife jokingly that it was as if Melissa was manipulating Heather somehow t get me to finish the project.

We went downstairs and Heather wanted to take some "progress" pictures as I completed the job. Nothing out of the ordinary occured in any of the initial pre-construction pictures she took. As I started to hang the wall board, Orbs started to appear in great abundance, especially when my wife Cindy or I or heather was in the picture. Heather took pictures with her HP digital camera and I took some with my Canon digital. Numerous Orbs were apparent in almost all of the pictures. Many redundat pictures were taken, sometimes 3-4 pictures from one spot at a time. Interestingly enough, the Orb positions sometimes changed within the frame.

We decided to run some fun experiments with the materials at hand to see if we could intentionally create an Orb or similar reflection. Here are the results.

At some point I will use the EMF meter to see if I can detect some type of reading when there is alot of Orb activity.

Fiberglass Particles

I thought that if anything could reflect light from a camera, a microscopic piece of glass floating in the air could. All of the floor joists have fiberglass insulation between them, and if it is disturbed, particles easily become airborne. Heather took several pictures from various distances of the general area around me as I intentionally hit the floor joist with a hammer. I could see the particles gently falling and moving through the air around me, but the camera could not detect any of them.

Sheet Rock / Wallboard Dust

This is more opaque and dense than the fiberglass and has the consistency of baby powder. I put a little dust in my hand and hit it with an air compressor as Heather took pictures. Still no Orbs.

Saw Dust

This material is very fine wood particles. When I blew the dust off of my hand, the camera detected the dust in the air but it looked like exactly what it was, saw dust.

The attached picture has been darkened to bring out the natural energy of the Orbs. Also note the Two Blue Orbs attached to me. (See photos in Album #7)

Halogen Lighting

Gary changed the lighting from regular to halogen to see if it would make a difference in picking up orbs - it didn't.

I have been doing a few tests downstairs. One of my goals is to capture a dense Orb behind something, so I suspended 5 pieces of cardboard from the floor joists (see picture attached)

Orb activity wasn't very good, I wasn't working I was just experimenting. The other test was to take a picture with two cameras at the exact same time.

My daughter Heather had her camera and I had mine, and at the count of 3 we both took pictures. We did this many times. The pictures were then analyzed to see if we could capture an Orb simultaneously using two cameras. We did get some interesting results. Although we were syncronized pretty good, the 200 - 400 msec ( 1000 msec = 1 sec.) offset between our timing makes a big difference in the Orb position, which proves to me that these things can travel pretty fast if they want to.

Lights on Dust/Insulation Experiment


Lights Out Dust/Insulation Experiment


Experiments With Dust, Cat Fuzz and Ashes



Orb Hints


Two of the best tools to use when trying to determine if an orb is real or not is looking for one that is behind something. Using the "contrast" and "negative" part of your photo program allows you to clearly see if something is in front of or behind something. Notice the difference in the negative on the left where the orb is behind the tree branch compared the the picture on the right where it is in front of the branch. Because dust will not show up at this distance from the lens to the item, one can be very confident in their findings

Dust, Sun Flare, and Water


Michigan finally got sunshine today after over a month of single digit and below zero temperatures, and almost four feet of snow. There was a bright stream of sunshine coming through the bathroom window so I decided to try a new experiment. I shook some throw rugs, towels, etc. to create as much dust as I could inside the sun stream, which was also reflecting off the snow. There are some interesting things going on in this short video clip. First of all, the dull spots on the window are actually on the outside of the window, and you can see some snow melting and dripping off the eve of the house through the window. The reflection of the sun and two bright lights in the bathroom caused the brighter dots of dust to be seen floating around. Notice despite reflection from both sides of the dust, they look like dust and not orbs. Also notice that as I was standing in the stream of light and very close to the dust, you can see it, but they cannot be seen further away from the camera lens, close to the window itself, and is the same result as in the above experiments. The purple line you saw was sun flare and very normal.

Click Here!

EMF Readings and Orbs


Please refer to the "Video Activities" page to read and see videos about EMF spikes and orbs appearing at the same time, as well as other phenomenon. Photos are also available as well on the "Photo Album" page.

The Truth is in the Pudding




In the last two years or so that this site has been up, I now have accummulated about 200+ videos of experiments that I have done in order to prove orbs are "energy", not dust, pollen, or moisture. In doing careful baseline readings of my entire house, I can assure everyone that there are no electrical problems in this home, and which can be seen in various videos where the EMF drops to zero. I have taken videos with the TV and computer on and off to show there is no difference in the fluctuation in the area of the room where I normally experiment, and that neither give off any abnormal readings.

With nearly all videos, I have taken pictures and have captured orbs. Dust, pollen, and moisture cannot make an EMF spike, a compass move, or a Yoki move. I have tried to be very controlled in my experiments by making sure that the furnance, or air conditioner was turned off at the time, that no windows were open, and there were no other means of interference.

The above picture is a skin irritation I have recently experienced on two different occasions as I was tracking the electromagnetic field moving around the room I was in. Both times it appeared on my right hand. It is my opinion that this has resulted from one of two theories:

  • I have become hypersensitive to the EM field because I've been around it so much, or

  • I walked into a strong field which irritated my skin. (Which is what I believe happened)
  • People who are sensitive to the EM field can have several different reactions, from paranoia, dizziness, nausea, headaches, or a skin irritation. On a typical ghosthunting show on T.V., they would have you believe these irritations are slap or scratch wounds as a result of being attacked, hit, or beaten by an "evil" or "angry" spirit. I can assure you this is not the case. As I walked into an area where there was a tremendous amount of the EMF, my hand instantly started to burn and then itch. I believe these two incidences happened because I tried experimenting in a new way by following the field around the room instead of requesting the spirit(s) to come to the equipment which normally is sitting on a footstool, and my personal way of using my electronics.

    One interesting fact is that the field itself does not seem to go as low as the floor or higher up in the room, but pretty much stays midway in the room, normally starts out directly in front of me or just slightly to the left or right side of my body, although it does move around. Once the field dissipates the EMF detectors will return to the normal position.

    I believe that most people except for the toughest skeptic would agree that dust, pollen, or air moisture would not cause an intense skin irritation as I've received during an extremely high spike. The spiking was so high that my Guass Master couldn't even pick it up because the needle went to the farthest point it could. This incident lasted long enough for me to take six short video clips and about five or six pictures, all of which had orbs in them. In over two years of experimenting I am thoroughly convinced that there is a correlation between the energy within the orb and the EM field.

    In the two plus years I have never gotten a high spike without capturing an orb, but I can assure you if there is no EMF, there will be no orb. Like so many others, when I saw my first orb I took pics like crazy trying to capture them, most often with no luck, but as the activity increased in my home, they became more frequent, and after getting the three detectors I have, the compass, recorder, and Yoki, one thing proves the other.

    New equipment will be used in any future videos and at this point in time I will be concentrating more on disproving the dust theory through other types of experiments and seeing if a delicate motion detector can bring results.



    This wall of "orb" display was created by Patti. All orbs have been enlarged and enhanced to bring out their color combinations. The painting in the middle, above the shelving unit, was made from a "vision" a lady in her 70's had. As Patti, she too was a dog lover. To see more of Patti's enhanced orbs,
    Enhanced Orbs Click Here!
    Enhanced Orbs #2 Click Here!
    Rainy Day Orbs Click Here!,

    On April 26, 2007, Patti was going through her orb pictures prior to going to a orb convention in Sedona, and notice how the bottom left picture and the two top pictures have changed on her computer. What was once full orbs are now animal faces. Patti has not enhanced or done anything on her computer to make these changes. To read the thoughts of a professional paranormal investigator, go to the "Our Story" page and see his comments on this type of phenomena. It is listed under, "Response to Question on Slideshow/Video".

    Maureen's Orb and Energy Healing


    My name is Maureen. I live in Canada and I thought I would share this picture with you. I have been going to this ladies house with a friend to help with healing of my throat for a chronic illness. The funny looking machine in the middle is called a Quantum (or VIBE) machine. It is turned on in the picture and it puts off high energy. We sit around it for 10 minutes and and more or less meditate and put forth good intentions. Anyhow, my girlfriend snapped this picture with her phone and we were pretty shocked to see the energy/light around my neck.

    NOTE: The pictures at the bottom are for comparison purposes to show how orbs are formed. Experiments with the electrician's screwdriver affirms that unseen energy can and does merge with us, or in this case, Maureen since she was the focus of this healing session. I often use negatives to see more defined areas of energy. This photo also falls in line with Dr. Valerie Hunt's energy work and that of Reiki and other energy healing.

    Gary's Music/Orb Experiment


    For those of us who believe orbs are spirits, we understand and know how they respond to questions and requests. Please notice the difference between the two following photographs. Gary states, "I tried playing ancient spiritual didgeridoo (or didjeridu) music over my outdoor speakers to see if this music attracts higher concentrations of energy. That is to say, I wanted to see if the music could influence the brightness / Intensity of the Orbs in and around the Watergarden."

    The first photographs shows the results while the music was playing and the second photograph shows the difference without the music. These photographs have not been altered.

    Orbs and Raindrops


    Patti sent in this picture of orbs during a rain. Notice the difference in size between the orbs and the raindrops (they are the much smaller dots throughout the picture). If orbs were "dust" or "drops of water or rain", as skeptic's claim, dust normally would not be in the air during a rain, and the size difference would not be as noticeable.




                                                Notice the difference in size in the hail vs. the orbs moving upwards.

    Orbs and Rain


    This is a perfect picture in that it was taken in the midst of a bad storm with heavy rain and wind. Notice the two shapes of the water drops - there are the normal sphere shape, but there are a couple of "hamburger bun" shapes which shows the difference between the size of the individual drops falling from the clouds. Also notice the size of the drops compared to the orb closer to the top of the picture.

    Patti's Moisture and Orbs



    Because of so much moisture in the air during this rain storm, notice both the natural moisture as well as true orbs.

    Orb Storm


    This picture, submitted by Patti, shows a lot of different shaped orbs. Notice how clear their edges are. To view more pictures of orbs, please visit all of the "Friends of Orb" pages and the "Photo Album" page.

    Orb Behind Hammock


    Notice the coloring around this one orb and the big one behind the hammock. Had this been a flash from a camera, it would have had to have been in front of the hammock.

    Dust and Bush


    I deliberately shook this bush violently trying to make any dust or bugs that might be in it fly into the air. It is a sunny day, with no rain to have washed any dust away, and as you can see, I could get no reflection of any dust or bugs in this picture.

    Rug and Dust


    I deliberately have not vacuumed this rug for a couple of weeks in order to try to collect some dust. After repeatedly scraping my feet very hard across the surface trying to make any dust that accumulated between the fibers airborne, I did manage to bring up some dust particles. You can see from the size that they are very small in comparison to an orb and have no texture, design, depth, or formed edges to them.

    Dry Grass and Dust


    Because of lack of rain this portion of the backyard is very dry. I ran my foot over and over again through the grass and on top of the dirt trying to capture any dust that may rise up. Again, I could not get any reflection from dust in this picture. I also picked up handfuls of dirt, dust, and grass particles, threw them in the air, and could not capture anything reflecting.

    Variety of Orbs


    Just a small sampling of normal orbs. Please check out the "Photo Albums", "Friends of Orbs", and "Orbs by Tom" for more real orb pictures.

    Something to Think About


    These drops of water are in a stainless steel sink. If you look carefully you will see a couple tails heading downward, after the drop itself, but keep in mind that it is the side of the sink that is causing that, and actual raindrops falling from a cloud, faucet, or sprinkler does not change their shape. Also notice how there is almost a skin like substance around each drop keeping it in its shape. Now the question to ponder is: When we are looking at a bathtub, sink, pond, or river and we see a body of water, it looks like one gigantic area of liquid, but in fact, is it an illusion and does not exist as such? What might exist are millions of individual and separate drops. Does the pressure from the other droplets tear away the individual skin so-to-speak from each drop allowing all of them to become the whole, or are the individual droplets so small in relativity to the whole that we can't even see them? Is our not knowing the answer an indication that the reality of the issue is just not part of what we perceive to be reality? If this is the case, then what other wonders are there out there that we just haven't accepted as reality, such as orbs being a different frequency/vibration then what we have been trained to observe with our eyes. Can one train themselves to see beyond the five senses and three dimensions? The answer is a definite "Yes".

    Debbie's Technique for Seeing Orbs With the Naked Eye


    Some of us occasionally can see orbs with our naked eyes, but if you can't, try Debbie's technique. Debbie states, "Yes I did see them with my naked eyes! Not all but most of them that had a lot of orbs in them, when I took them I followed the flash with my eyes. Try it, Just hold your camera in the direction that you want your picture and when you snap the picture WATCH the flash. You too will see them. I am showing a few teenagers how to do this as well. I showed one at the fair and I wish I had a camera on him because the look on his face when he took his first orb picture with my camera and seen them as well, he was amazed."

    Orbs to Help To Ease Owner's Grief


    By Peggy Mishoe
    For The Sun News
    South Carolina, Posted on Thu, Mar. 22, 2007

    Some people believe that orbs, or light spots in pictures, are spirits. Others say they are spots with explainable causes, such as dust on the camera lens.

    Patti McCullough of Murrells Inlet has heard and read the arguments. "I believe those spheres of light are a form of energy. I believe they are manifestations of animal or human spirits, or spirit guides and guardian angels," she said.

    Her Pomeranian, Sandy, died seven years ago. T.J., also a Pomeranian, died last summer. She said she saw her first real orb after she received Sandy's cremated ashes. She put the box with his ashes in it in the bathroom where he liked to lie. "I was telling my pet I loved him, and I missed him," she said. "The words were no sooner out of my mouth than a gold golf-ball-size light rose off of the box of ashes and rose above my head, dissipating before it hit the ceiling. Out loud I said, 'What the heck was that?'"

    That experience changed her life spiritually and sent her on a quest to learn more.

    "My heart was literally broken from losing my companion until this light experience, which dramatically eased my grief," she said.

    For almost six years, she read books about unusual occurrences with pets that had died. She said she learned from many sources about people who had near-death experiences and saw their beloved pets when they were clinically declared dead. "I have read many books about amazing paranormal stories involving pets," she said.

    In 2006, she visited Lily Dale, N.Y., America's oldest spiritualist community, where mediums are abundant and spheres and spirits are expected and accepted.

    It was there that she saw people taking pictures with orbs in them. Since then, she has taken numerous pictures in her backyard where T.J. and Sandy's ashes are buried. People told her it was caused by her camera. That camera stopped working, and she got a new one. The orbs still appeared.

    "I would like to find an open-minded camera person," she said.

    Her husband, John McCullough, is very supportive of her and her belief. He recently saw a Lifelong Learning pamphlet from Coastal Carolina University and marked two classes, Metaphysical Round Table and Meet Your Guide and Be Guided, for her to consider. She was excited and then deflated when she learned both classes were full.

    On her quest, she has met many like-minded people on the Internet and in person. An Internet friend enhances some of her orbs, and they show colors. Sometimes faces can be seen in them, she said.

    McCullough said she did not get orbs in her pictures until she asked for them to be there. "They're respectful. They're not going to ruin your picture if you don't want them in it," she said of the spirits. "It is proven that those who are open to it and want them will get them, and the negative people won't get them."

    She is convinced that her beliefs are not contrary to the Bible, which includes many incidents or mentions of spirits, angels and the paranormal. "I believe in Christ. I believe that what we're supposed to be following is his love," she said. "I wish more people could be open to the mysteries of life and at least admit there's a heck of a lot more to it than we understand in this dimension."

    Orbs, Unified Field Plasmoids or Whatever!



    It was only in 2005 after I returned from my travel to Sweden, Copenhagen and Rome, when I realized there are other things in my pictures, aside from what I intended to take. To start it all, Sheila emailed me two pictures full of circles. She asked me what I think about them. We had previous discussions about some paranormal and metaphysical aspects, so I have been telling her some of what I know or read from different sources. She has a deep feeling that the circles are not normal. That incident prompted me to look at all my past pictures most especially my then very recent trip to Sweden and a side trip to Rome. I found many of the circles and I scrutinized them as if my career rests on it.

    My lawyer colleague, Dennis, and I were also going to the regions all over the country in 2006 conducting IP Awareness Trainings and taking pictures all around to get the circles became a hobby. We have also been getting a lot of them, and we enjoy the process of editing the pictures; enlarging, brightening, contrasting, embossing, etc. From the same pictures I also found out I was also getting pictures like a portion of an arm or the feet without the clear body. However, the energy fields of the body without the margins are still very visible. I have been telling close friends about these circles, and these imaginary bodies with visible arms or feet. Then later, when we were not very curious about them anymore, a friend texted me that these circles are called Orbs, as shown on Discovery Channel. Another friend gave me a newspaper clipping about the Orbs. Now I realized I am not alone with my findings.


    I was alone in my quest because looking in the internet did not occur to me soonest. My previous pictures also showed lots of them. I was using a Sony Cybershot Digicam and Dennis was using Olympus Digicam. I have been trying to see what environmental factors predispose to Orb occurrence. They might really are spirits, whether departed or nature spirits, so I tried to look at old buildings, churches, caves, forests, and other locations which probably might produce lots of them. But I cannot really get a correlation of whatever theory I have. In Strasbourg, France and in Stockholm, Sweden where there are lots of very old buildings, I cannot find lots of Orbs. Somehow I managed to see more or less than 5 circles in one picture. My friend Marlowe joked that maybe because they don’t like it cold.

    However, in Rome a lot of them converged in one picture especially in the Pantheon and in the Pieta, although Pope Paul VI surprisingly has one Orb seemingly content resting on top and Pope Paul II tomb has one at the corner. Mosses and St. Peter’s sculpture also had one orb each. It would perhaps be surprising to look at the orbs in the Colloseum, which probably house a lot of them. It has been the venue for fights of men versus animals and a lot of other shows which are unfathomable these days. However, I was not able to enter it. If only I was already aware of the orbs when I was in Europe, then I could have maximized my photo shoots. Even in Copenhagen I was able to see only a few orbs in one building maybe because we did not enter many big buildings, and it was a daytime shoot.

    Local pictures showed a lot of them even during our daytime IP training sessions. However, they are normally obvious during night shoots in open spaces. Some readings said they often converge when available water supply are nearby or when lightning occur. This means that much electrical charges are in space. However, these environmental conditions did not support my findings. Sometimes it is true but mostly not.

    My Theory/Findings

    It seems when one has psychic abilities then he/she is prone to get these orbs. It does not matter if the person is aware of his abilities or not, they just show up in their digital pictures. Now it has been my guide to know if someone has abilities or open energy centers. I ask them if they get orbs in their pictures, if none, then I don’t discuss much further. Theories that we can communicate with them mentally failed with me. Lots of summons and requests for them to appear in my pictures failed. But they suddenly appear when I am least conscious of them. However, until now I still try to lure them to come nearer. I was just favored by a single red orb one night when I desperately called the colored orbs to pose for me.

    Another fascinating observation is in the premature nursery ward in the hospital. A lot of Orblets are scattered around the space among the babies, but there was this bright moving Big Orb which lingers beside the baby of Dennis, my colleague. The Big Orb can be the baby’s guardian angel or probably spirit guide, however the orblets elude me! The nature of the orblets are the same with the usual orbs familiar with us.

    Moreover, I have a printed picture developed before I learned of these orbs. In this particular picture inside a mini local carnival while we were riding in an open “cable car”, is a lot of scattered orbs. Among them is a capsule-like object in space. When this is magnified it looks like a two-colored real capsule! It looks like a short bullet with the front half in reddish- violet and the back portion in orange-yellow. A distinct division of the 2-part capsule is very visible. I wonder if someone will tell me it is a real space ship. (I did not include this picture in this paper because I do not have a scanner; my e-copy has long been deleted). This picture told me that these orbs might be from outer space, and whatever they are “we could really be invaded”. These are invaders! What these are doing on earth is still a mystery, but not for long!

    About the Author

    Dr. Andrea B. Agillon is a Plant Physiologist with a PhD in Horticulture. She worked as a scientist before working in Research Management. Currently, she is the Head of the Intellectual Property Rights Office of the Bureau of Agricultural Research, Philippines. She also delves into metaphysics, energies and other paranormal phenomena. She practiced Pranic Healing before. She is telekinetic when she was younger. While doing her PhD thesis she was confronted by an unfunctional new Gas Chromatography which eludes all tests in the manual. This hampers her progress and almost failed her, then she tried deep meditation and was able to locate the loose nut at instant from among the so many nuts in the GC.

    To see Andrea's Orb photographs please click on the "Photo Album" button on the menu.

    Celtic Gardens


    To read more, learn more, and see more orbs and anomalies, here is a great site. Click Here to go to Celtic Gardens!


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