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German voice coming from speaker. I have talked to satellite, electronic and computer experts and have added Ferrite Filters on my speakers that should stop all outside frequencies from getting to my speakers. Update: Today, February 17, 2012, I discovered this audio is NOT in German, but is in fact Dutch. A kindly Dutch speaking person was nice enough to translate what could be made out. I have copied their translation as follows: "theories ... ... the first theory alimitische theory, that means that the experimenter fp ....has put the voice himself on tape. I'll tell you about the history ... but ... the man who made all this world is knowledgeable Friedrich Jurgenson, a Swedish scientist".

The story behind this is that I had made a comment on an EVP thinking it was part of the Scole Experiments. A new found friend in Brazil posted a response to mine correcting me that it was not part of the Scole Experiment, but was a man named Friedrick Jurgenson. As synchronicity works, the very next day I was e-mailed an article about Mr. Jurgenson from another friend out-of-state. Before I had a chance to read the article, this voice came out of my speaker. The next audio to appear was the sound of multiple birds chirping. When I read the article, I discovered that Friedrick Jurgenson received his first EVP when he went out to his garden to relax and look at all his flowers and to record the sound of the chirping birds. It was only when he played back the recording that he received his first EVP, and became very well known. I was so positive that this voice had something to do with Jurgenson that I copied a couple pictures of him while in the physical plane, and a fantastic photo of him on a friend's TV where he appeared after his transition. I have tried for months to get this audio translated just to either validate or eliminate my belief that someone was sending me a message relative to him because of all the synchronicity involved. I thought I could hear the name Jurgensen a couple of times but didn't know if that was what I wanted to hear, or if what I was hearing could be a foreign word or term that just sounded like Jurgensen. Today my belief was validated!

Update: March 6, 2012. In total awe, today I read a description of Freidrich Jurgensen's experience with the birds in his own words. Notice how I spoke about "thunder", "a short amount of what sounded like "music" and a few unintelligible "words" in the video I made a while back. The following is a quote from a partial book I read today and notice the exact same descriptions:

"Listening to the tape he "heard a noise, vibrating like a storm, where you could only remotely hear the chirping of the birds." Jurgensen's words: "My first thought was that maybe some of the tubes had been damaged. In spite of this I switched on the machine again and let the tape roll. Again I heard this peculiar noise and the distant chirping. Then I heard a trumpet solo, a kind of a signal for attention. Stunned, I continued to listen when suddenly a man's voice began to speak in Norwegian. Even though the voice was quite low I could clearly hear and understand the words. The man spoke about 'nightly bird voices' and I perceived a row of piping, splashing and rattling sounds. Suddenly the choir of birds and the vibrating noise stopped. In the next moment the chirping of a chaffinch was heard and you could hear the tits singing at a distance - the machine worked perfectly."

Song from the first page our our site repeating itself over and over again, but differently then songs playing in unison in another video.

Flashlight being turned on by spirit. I did make an error in calling the flashlight a screwdriver because I am use to working with the screwdriver and the flashlight was a new experiment. From the high EMF I have to believe there was more then one spirit here at the time.

While researching, often the page will scroll up or down by itself and a good pace that I can read and allowing me to have use of both hands to take notes.

I've had many successes using an electrician's screwdriver to have spirit merge with a person. The human body does not give off enough energy to make the screwdriver go off, however, if we ask a certain spirit to merge with a person, the energy is strong enough to make it show a high energy field.

For six years I have been measuring energy with a variety of electromagnetic devices. This is one with an extremely high EM field. Because I am very sensitive to energy, I have received two burns on my hand and one on my foot while walking into a strong electromagnetic field. Typically I prefer to put my equipment on a chair or footstool so as not to cause transference of energy from myself to the meter, and as you can see in this video the equipment is on a footstool. For obvious reasons (the burns), it is also safer to do it this way.

The song from the first page of our site and the song from the first page of my daughter's site playing at the same time.

This thundering noise kept going on for an entire day. If you listen carefully, you can hear when the computer turns itself on for the thunder to occur. At one point in time I started to doubt myself and went outside to see if it was storming and just sounding like it was coming from the speaker, but it was actually a quiet day with just some snowflakes falling.

Another sample of voices from my speakers. This obviously is another foreign voice. This has now occurred on three different occasions where I get foreign voices.

Another form of music that is unexplainable. I was going to go into a video and you can see my cursor pointed to it, but before I could click the mouse, this song started to play and it is the one that attached itself to the "Blue Energy" video which can be found on the menu, and has absolutely nothing to do with the video I wanted to watch which was of a birthday party.

This is just an electric plate that I will be using for various experiments. Notice the amount of energy it produces which is a good thing when experimenting as spirit can make themselves stronger by using some of the energy.

I had just gotten a new full spectrum camera and went to the school track to take some pics of a full moon. I deliberately went to the track in order not to have any trees around me. I checked with the Doppler Radar and our state had absolutely no cloud coverage that particular night. The next four videos are some interesting objects I caught that I cannot explain. Each video was taken one clip after another, but watch how the anomalies change color from multi, pink, and then blue. You will be able to tell the difference from the moon and the anomalies.

This video is to more or less show that under normal circumstances, the EMF detectors really are not affected by my TV or computer.

This one really "got" me. I was explaining the screwdriver test to my nephew and went to touch him with it knowing it would not go off, BUT did I get a surprise when it did. I absolutely panicked that all my experiments had been wrong, until he told me that while I was talking he was asking a transitioned girlfriend to help him make it go off.

Notice the two closest lights on the plate as they will blink, the pod will change and although it is low, you can hear the Guass Master go off. While some of this was happening you can hear the door close as I left the room. I had my camera on a tripod. I deliberately moved the pod away from the plate to show that the plate was not affecting the pod. There is a short time span when my camera went dark, but did start to record again. I have used all these pieces of equipment as well as others and one piece will not affect the other.

Screwdriver with my niece Ashley. To date I have tested 13 people and it hasn't failed once. Each time I pull it out and touch them and of course nothing happens, but as soon as I get them talking about a transitioned loved one, the spirit energy merges with them and off goes the screwdriver.

Anyone who uses any type of electromagnetic field detector knows that numbers like this are very rare. At times I will hold my equipment but for the most part I try to lay it on something and ask spirit to go to the equipment because I have received two burns on my hand and one on my foot by following a field trying to see how wide and tall it was.

I could "feel" someone was here in addition to some oddities that were happening in the room so I pulled out the screwdriver to try something new. I laid it on a chair and put my hand under it and it did go off. Since there was nothing electrical about my recliner, this shows that spirit had to be here or the screwdriver would never have gone off.

Same test a little later after spirit was gone. The only reaction from the screwdriver will be a few little lights caused by some static electricity that I created when I ran my hand over the cloth on the couch, which is no different then when you walk on carpet while the heat is on in the winter and you get a little shock - that is static electricity.

For several years now I have gotten out some of my equipment at midnight on New Year's Eve because I know my family will be right here with me not just because of the start of a New Year, but because I was born just a few minutes after 12:00 AM, and it is my birthday. Year after year, they have proven over and over again that no matter what type of device I use, they will cause spikes. Although the needle broke on the Guass Master, you certainly can here the sound.

This experiment is just to prove that despite the fact that the equipment is on and there is energy from the batteries, the screwdriver does not go off as it does when spirit energy merges with humans.

What is interesting to me about this is that my cat is very aware of spirit presence. Animals can see, smell, and hear in ranges we humans can only dream of. I've noticed a few specific things in watching my cat. Often when I see him watching something intensely, I will put my camera next to his head to try to capture what he is seeing, and inevitably I will get orbs and good spikes on my meters. I've also noticed that the hair inside his ears vibrate completely different then they normally do when he is just listening to things. The most intriguing thing to me is that he always yawns when this type of activity is occurring.

Just showing the various Guass Master fluctuations.

This has been a bone of contention for the last few years ever since I started to work with the temperature. Despite everyone stating that the temperature drops when spirit is present, years of my experiments have shown an increase in temperature. Although it may not be the total explanation of the differences, on the site I have given my theory on transference and movement and how it may make a difference.

This particular cabinet door has opened several times, twice in front of people who were visiting. You will see how hard it is to open or close. I have slammed the front door, jumped up and down on the floor, and cannot make it open by itself as it is very tight fitting.

Showing the fact that the TV being on or off does not make a difference in the EM field, and on this particular evening, the EM field was right on my lap.

Experimenting with a decimal meter. I made sure that my furnace was turned off so there should be no movement except in the areas where I am speaking, but you can see the needle moving. Spirit is of a lower frequency so this makes sense to me.

Experimenting with the EMF detector to show the varying spikes. Any movement reflection you may see on the screen is a result of my moving the strobe that is connected.

Video of an EVP being played. Notice the voice in response to the question being asked.


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