Invisable Typing

Invisable Typing - 3/18/07


Ethereal Thoughts Tonight was funny in that when I turned on my recording program a mysterious recording of loud and unusual sounds started up. I tried for the longest time to find the recording that played, but it just wasn't there. I tried on several occasions to get out of the program and it just wouldn't let me.

Once that recording stopped, I was then able to get to the place I needed to be in order to record. In this recording it sounds like someone is typing. I had both my hands on my lap, trying to be as quiet as I could except when I was speaking. I looked at the keyboard but could not see any keys moving.

The kids obviously were playing their games with me. I knew the kids were here because I saw the light they show me come from the hallway and into the TV room a little earlier in the evening. I was trying to record a show on reincarnation and had my recorder on top of the TV and the external microphone down by the speaker. A second or so after the light came into the room, the cord from the speaker to the external microphone dramatically moved.

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