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This page is a work in progress so please check back for futher scientific experiments in proving spirit communication. For those of us who already "believe", these experiments are not necessary, although interesting. For those who are skeptical, read the scientific findings and research and maybe you will see some merit in these studies. The entire area of Quantum Physics is relatively "new" to the scientific community, that turned its back on this subject until recently. The Quantum physicists of today have delved into this area and have proven fantastic results in their experiments and studies. Although debated throughout the ages, some brave scientists went against their scientific companions and produced such things as the "weight of the soul" test done in 1907, or a voice machine invented by Thomas Edison in the early 1900s for contact with spirits, "The Truth Is Out There", and modern technology and the open mindedness of the Quantum Physicists are beginning to prove it.
Ethereal Thoughts

What is Quantum Physics?


In attempting to bring the concept of Quantum Physics down to layman’s terms, I’m reminded of the Kabbalah, which states: “Something you cannot explain to another person is called nistar - “hidden”, like the taste of food, which is impossible to describe to one who has never tasted it”. Being the eternal optimist, I am going to try to do the impossible with the hope that somehow, some way, the words are going to fall in place in a way that can be understood for those of us that are not scientifically inclined.

If we consider science as the structure or foundation of the universe, then spirituality is the "soul", the "essence" of it, that divine energy that exists at all levels.

Science according to “The American Heritage Dictionary” is described as: "The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of natural phenomena". Scientific perspective: "If you don't have the evidence, can't duplicate it in a lab, or come up with a mathematical formula, it doesn't exist". This attitude brings forward the words of Andre Gide, "Believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it."

Physics, "The science of matter and energy and of interactions between the two, grouped in traditional fields such as acoustics, optics, mechanics, thermodynamics, and electromagnetism, as well as in modern extensions including atomic and nuclear physics, cryogenics, solid-state physics, particle physics and plasma physics". Physicists theory: "Just because you do not have evidence or can't duplicate it doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't exist, but just may mean we don't have the technology to do so yet. Modern technology is giving us that “proof”.

Quantum, "The quantity or amount of something. A specified portion of something. Something that may be counted or measured. The particle mediating a specific type of fundamental interactions: The photon is the quantum of the electromagnetc field".

Quantum Physics works from an open-minded, “anything is possible” theory, and strives to understand things beyond man's limited knowledge by seeking knowledge from the deepest level of existence. Large strides have been made, and will continue to be made by these pioneers into the "unknown", who are constantly experimenting, succeeding, and experimenting more, testing and recognizing that our very own consciousness contributes, if not creates, what we perceive to be our reality. We hear terms like "collective consciousness", or what I like to refer to as "universal knowledge", but these terms have become reality within the walls of laboratories throughout the world. LEMUR's Genesis Experiment is attempting to use collective thought to create life in a test tube filled with water. Lakes in Japan have become clear and unpolluted through the use of collective thought, random number machines have been duplicated in the present and future by shear thought and intention alone, and the gravitational equivalent of a magnetic field has been measured for the first time. Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiments with thoughts and intention has proven the affect on water crystals. The "field of pure potentiality" is affected by every thought, memory, intention, action, and experience", according to the famous Deepak Chopra.

Working from the “Zero Point Field” theory of Hal Puthoff and other physicists, this is the fundamental energy of the universe, the "something" that once was thought of as "nothing". The "thing" that connects everything. The non ceasing energy/vibration/frequencies (EVF) that can never be destroyed and turns thought and intention into matter and reality. Space as we think of it is not space at all, but a field alive with EVFs. Nothing can be made from nothing so all there is, is made from something and that something is “energy/vibration/frequencies”.

Man has always questioned the what and why of the universe, but we are most familiar with Issac Newton’s and Albert Einstein’s, laws of gravity, our five senses, a three dimensional world and time and space, as seen on a lineal level.

What is reality? It is nothing we have realized up till now. It is simply the particular way the human brain interprets what he/she sees. What we have perceived as reality is only a series of reliving history caused by what we have been limited by, what we have been taught, and previous experiences and emotions. Every thought, smell, taste, feel, and sound creates an emotion through the firing off of chemicals in the brain that create peptites, or more chemistry. In other words, our reality as we know it is nothing more then an illusion created by ourselves. Quantum Physics is the schoolteacher so-to-speak, in opening the door to reality via consciousness and intention, by exploring not what we know, but what we haven't known up until now.

Quantum Physics teaches us words like “entanglement" (interlaced), or “contagion" (spreading), and “Resonance" (the reinforcement from a surface or by the synchronous vibration of a neighboring object). What they mean is simply that all of us are entangled and part of the other, and what we perceive or project is as contagious as a virus when one coughs and spreads their cold germs to the next person, or affects the people around us and the encircling environment, (which spreads as waves into the universe) by laughter and good times, or depression and sadness. We affect not only ourselves, but everything in the universe. Each of us have experienced being “down” and suddenly made to feel better when a family member or friend starts teasing or acting silly, and the same is true of when we are in a good mood and all of a sudden we are surrounded by someone who is bitter, argumentative or sad. All of a sudden our mood has been affected by them because their moods are contagious. We can no longer feel “separated” from the universe like we somehow are unique and not part of, but must realize that entanglement makes us part and parcel of the “whole”, made up of and created from the energy that makes up everything.

How do we create our day, our future, what is free choice? Think of time/space as not being lineal at all, but as a circle instead. Think of what we have been taught and how we perceive everything we know, taught by parents, teachers, friends, etc. and peptites causing repeated emotions to repeated words, phrases,thoughts, and experiences. If time/space is circular then wouldn’t we all be re-living history over and over again? Of course we would, BUT when we add “consciousness” and “intent” into our recipe of life, and we mix the knowledge of “energy”, “entanglement”, “contagion” and “resonance”, we expand far beyond what we ever thought was “normal” or “reality”.

People such as Dr. Dean Radin experimented with a group of people who were going to view certain pictures, some very distressing while others happy in nature. The interesting thing about this test was within a few seconds PRIOR to the picture actually being viewed, there was a direct correlaton between their response to the picture and physical reactions. The Random Event Generators (REGs) is another test showing how consciousness and intent can and does influence the future. To learn more about it, please refer to the following two sites for additional information, including a full description on how the tests are done, as well as global testing via the internet:

For whatever reason that I do not understand, there are two wonderful links that refuse to be placed in this spot. I highly recommend going to the "Spiritual Links 2" page and clicking on "Red Planet" and "Princeton's Global Project". These two sites not only explain the various random sound tests, but other tests that visionaries around the world are working on that prove how consciousness and intent affect the future and the universe.

If we work from what physicists call “superspace” or the “Zero Point Field”, the home so-to-speak of universal knowledge or the collective consciousness, we (the Observer) then combine the world of matter to the world of consciousness. What is consciousness? It is an awakened state, the sum of one’s thoughts, feelings and experiences, and being aware of ourselves. It is also the tool to think and perceive, but what if it is not used correctly, or within a limited degree? Until something is observed and changed by observation, thought, and intent, it still exists but within the realm of the invisible. Physics has proven that observation and intent can change what is out there. You might think of the “Zero Point Field” as the quietest of sound waves similar to the volume control of your radio. If you are having a bad or humdrum day and you turn your radio down so low you cannot hear anything, the sound waves are still there. There is no reaction within you because there is nothing to hear, or so you think. Now, if you turn the volume control higher, you might hear some happy sounding music which will instantly put you in a happier more fun loving mood, and will set the pace for the day. Although this may be a poor analogy, it does make the point that your intention to increase the sound had an affect on you, and that affect can influence the hours to come. Those sound waves are only energy/vibration/frequency, the exact same thing as what is found in the “Zero Point Field” or “Superspace”. Physicist Paul Davies wrote, “In the absence of an observation a quantum system will evolve in a certain way. When an observation is made, an entirely different type of change occurs.” To take it further, Rene’ Descartes, the famous scientist said, “I think, therefore I am.”

How is all of this connected to spirituality? Have you ever experienced what is termed “deja vu”, had a “premonition”, a dream so vivid and real that it stays with you forever rather then briefly forgotten, an “out of body” experience, or a “near death” experience? Have you ever heard whispering when no one was there, or taken a photograph with a strange anomaly in it, walked into a building where you felt you were not alone, or had unusual things happen within your home - things that moved to a different area, lights that flickered when you knew the bulb and fixture were good, or had a TV change channels by itself, or unexplained static? These things fall into the category of “paranormal”, a word which drives this writer crazy and a description of “out of the ordinary” would be much more palatable to me. What is out of the ordinary is no different then the dog who can hear a higher pitched sound then we as humans can, or an eel who is extra sensitive to changes in an electrical field, or an insect that can see ultraviolet light, or a snake that can see the heat of another being, or perceive the infrared range of the electromagnetic field, or the small child who sees, plays, and talks to spirits, or a person who can see auras. These things are all part of the normal energy/vibration/frequency part of the universal structure.

Your next question might be that if this is all true then why can’t everyone do it? The answer is easy. We all have the ability. To some it comes easily because they accepted it as part of their reality while very young, to some they had to learn, experiment, and accept it, to others the brain is not open to the possibilities because the brain only accepts what we have allowed into it. Perhaps being able to realize all that there is would overload our brain and we would not fit into any dimension comfortably, so we are limited to what we can accept and still function in the physical realm. As children you were told the grass is the color green, the apple is the color red. Your brain accepted these facts, created the chemicals to react to certain objects that were those colors so you would recognize them as such. You were told that hugs are nice, and being hit was hurtful, and again the brain registered these experiences and knowledge. Everything you see, hear, smell, touch, taste, and experience has a chemical and emotional reaction. We have been programmed through association. Why does one person look out a window and just see a rainy day while another person looks out the window, sees the rain and smiles because they know the grass, flowers, and trees are going to be brighter and healthier because of the rain? It is all a matter of perspective. Think positive and you will feel positive, think negative and you will feel negative. What does this have to do with anything? A whole lot! Every time you think you are setting off a chemical reaction in your brain and as these chemicals are transmitted they are received by certain receptors. These receptors are no different then a “habit”. Do something enough times and it becomes a habit, and habits are hard to break. In fact, you can become very addicted to a habit. Now replace the word “habit” with "emotion". It is a proven fact that if a person is involved with someone who drinks or abuses them, the chance that they will go on to another person who does the same thing is much greater because they have set themselves up to follow their habit. If a person feels like they are victimized, they will always set off the chemical (habit) to repeat that addiction and they will turn most experiences into a negative victimization emotion. Every time we repeat something, it becomes stronger.

You’ve heard the phrase, “what goes around, comes around”, “whatever you put out into the universe, comes back”, “Be careful about what you wish for”. These are not idle words, but active words. Obvious to the readers of this site are the words, “Whatever you focus your attention on increases”, these are active words too. Consciousness - thought and intent - change the path because they are energy in motion interacting, entangling with everything out there and causing synchronicity (the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection) to enter our lives leading us in the right direction, IF we pay attention. Advanced physics has proven that something happening at point “A” does not cause an event in point “B” at a later time, but both events occur at the same time. Draw a line on a piece of paper with an “A” on one end of it and a “B” on the other end of it. We have been told that the shortest way from point “A” to point “B” is by following a straight line. Now take that piece of paper and fold it so the “B” is directly under the “A”. Now the distance is hardly anything, but how do you get through the piece of paper to the “A” - energy! This bending of time and space illustrated by this crazy little experiment, meant only as a visualization of a concept, can answer so many questions if we are willing to accept the answers. Here are are a few to ponder:

1. If there are spirits, is this how we see ectoplasm, capture orbs, see manifestations, hear noises, static, electromagnetic spikes, because we have resonated with a certain frequency?

2. If we pick up the phone to call someone and they are calling us at the same time, is it coincidence or synchronicity, because we were both on the same wave length at that moment?

3. Why is it when someone invents something, so often someone else also claims they were in the midst of doing the same thing? Is it because the thought was contagious and the other persons “caught” it, so to speak?

4. Do people who experience out-of-body experiences (OBE) or near-death-experiences (NDE) imagine it or are they entering into another energy/vibration/frequency field?

5. If other living animals, insects, snakes, etc. can be affected by and work through electromagnetic fields, infrared, and sound waves, is it so hard to believe that we too are affected by these things?

6. If there are UFOs, is this how they are traveling?

Quantum Physics does not have all the answers but they are on the cutting edge of exploration and turning theories into facts. More and more experiments are being done across the countries by the best of scientists, physicists, and visionaries. The questions are being answered, and with each new answer comes another question.

Again, for whatever reason, there is a wonderful link that refuses to be placed in this spot. I highly recommend going to the "Spiritual Links 2" page and clicking on "Physics with Interaction". This site is a playground of fun experiments that you can see and do with the use of your mouse. It is packed full of information in an easy way to understand and learn how the various waves, sounds, microwaves, electromagnetic fields, resonance, and so much more works. It is a treasure chest for those who do not have a scientific background but are curious and would like to know.

More on Quantum Physics


Throughout this site we've talked about Indigo children, seeing lights, orbs and shadows through eye sight, indicating my children are present, I've video taped EMF and compass readings, as well as so many other things, and now you can find out how and why we've been able to do this, and you can too. In the DVDs on "What The Bleep-Down the Rabbit Hole", fourteen famous scientists explain Quantum Physics as it pertains to how we think and see things and how these thoughts and our sight creates "reality and/or illusion", and you will learn how to grasp it. This is a "MUST" for anyone who questions who we are, why we are, and numerous other questions we haven't had the answers for up until now. You will see how we are not separate from the universe, but part of it.

We have deliberately added "Quantum Physics" as the first subject for a good reason. To understand, we must first ask the question before we can learn to experience the truth, and it is in this belief that this decision was made. We would encourage anyone who is interested in this subject, who has experienced Spirit Communication, or wants to, to take an active role in learning the truth, and we believe that these DVDs can help.

Read the credentials of the physicists and others involved, listen to the various experiments and tests, and decide for yourself. The theory is put in a "story" form, both entertaining and packed full of information. The movie has three DVDs and each of them has two sides. The second side are interviews with each of the people involved in the movie, and go deep into why things are possible. To read more about this wonderful learning experience Click Here!

This scientific journey adds credence to the paranormal, the possibility of ghost/spirit pictures, orbs, our auras, how visualization helps us, teaches us about universal law, and why EMF and EVPs can be captured. The afterlife and reincarnation are being proven more and more each day.

Fluorescence and Orbs


Collins Discovery Encyclopedia explains "fluorescence" from a physics perspective as:

"1. the emission of light or other radiation from atoms or molecules that are bombarded by particles, such as electrons, or by radiation from a separate source. The bombarding radiation produces excited atoms, molecules, or ions and these emit photons as they fall back to the ground state.

2. such an emission of photons that ceases as soon as the bombarding radiation is discontinued, and

3. such an emission of photons for which the average lifetime of the excited atoms and molecules is less than about 10--8 seconds".

According to Wikipedia and other sources, "In physics, a photon is an elementary particle, the quantum of the electromagnetic field and the basic "unit" of light and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation. It is also the force carrier for the electromagnetic force. The effects of this force are easily observable at both the microscopic and macroscopic level, because the photon has no rest mass; this allows for interactions at long distances.

To see a video on how fluorescence applies to orbs/veils (or energy), please refer to the "Orb and More" page of this site.




This photo was submitted by Angela Dawson of Edinburgh, Scotland.  To prove that orbs are not a reflection  of  something, but a process known as fluorescence (lighting up from inside as described above), notice the reflection from the energy of the moving orb on both the coffee table and on the fireplace.


Study in the Unified Field Theory


Nassim Haramein has and is dedicated in finding the answers between science and belief. His work is truly amazing and worth following if you want to "fill in the blanks" that have been missing in science, physics, and quantum physics. Listen to his radio interviews explaining his theory on Disclose TV.

Click Here!

Click Here for Part I!

Click Here for Part 2!

Click Here for Part 3!

Science and psi


There is a wonderful video by Dean Radner that can be found on the Google engEDU, Tech Talks Channel, that shows the results of a lot of testing within a controlled environment as far as what is considered the paranormal, and more specifically as it relates to so many subjects found within this site and based on Quantum Physics.

To read see the video Click Here!

Barometric Pressure and Temperatures


I'm going to start out saying that I know there are a tremendous amount of people that are going to disagree with these findings, however, science has proven that an average reading on a barometer is 29-30, and when it goes up to 30-32, the barometric pressure goes up and the air is drier, cooler and thinner. As it goes down, the air is warmer and thicker, and there are more negative ions because it is going to rain, which makes for more energy and more orbs and spirit activities.

Because of a contradiction I found in my investigation and that of others, I was led into studying this area. This now makes perfect sense that the temperature rises instead of getting cold spots in my house, as can be seen in a couple different videos. I read many sites on the subject so I'm comfortable with this conclusion. "Feeling" spirits, capturing photographs or experiencing other types of spirit visitation, is no different then when a joint hurts or the sinuses react due to the increase in pressure when the barometer drops. 14.7 pounds of pressure pushes on the body for every square inch (1 kilogram per square centimeter), and approximately one ton per square foot. As the pressure increases when the barometer falls, it is the added pressure that creates these feelings.

A new problem surfaces in "Why does everyone else feel cold spots instead of warm spots" when doing paranormal investigations? That is in direct contradiction to science. I know some people will say that the spirit is pulling its energy from the air in order to sustain its presence, but I see a flaw in this type of thinking. Here again, if they are pulling the energy, then they should be making warmer spots. I can't help but wonder if these "cold" spots aren't chills people are feeling because of fear of the unknown or something unexpectantly happening that makes them jumpy by catching them off guard. Throw in the belief that spirits cause cold spots brought on by what we read, watch on TV, in movies, etc., and then it becomes our reality because that is the only thing we know. That takes us back to the way of perceiving things explained through Quantum Physics. What it doesn't explain though is the fact that their electronic equipment is showing a decrease in temperature rather then an increase. The only explanation that one can surmise is that perhaps their expectations and/or chills are creating a drop in temperature or the movement of the equipment itself.

We know the body gives out heat just as it gives off cold because we've all experienced feeling that heat/cold when we've been very close to someone physically, or got pounced on by our dog when it came inside from outdoors. Because most paranormal investigators are physically holding the equipment, it makes sense that their bodies may be influencing the equipment. Another reason could be that as we walk we create a draft as our body pushes the pressure out of the way, even of an extended hand holding a piece of equipment. On the other hand, since I do not hold my equipment but place it on a footstool and ask the spirits to come to it, I know my body is not interfering by giving out either hot or cold waves. I believe there is a definite affect based on the fact that if we can feel the heat/cold from another person, then that heat/cold has to also affect objects being held by someone depending upon their body temperature and/or possible drafts caused by movement.

One must ponder the fact that there is no "void" so-to-speak in the universe. In prior years science thought of space as something empty, void of anything, but Quantum Physics has and is still proving this untrue. If a spirit is pulling energy out of the air around us, at the same time that spot will simultaneously compact with the surrounding atmospheric conditions. If heat is pulled out of the air then the same applies as it fills itself. A larger decrease in temperature could also be attributed to the fact that in a lot of cases, investigators are not only holding their equipment while moving, but are in fact raising it higher and lower and from side to side trying to follow or find a change in temperature, but it is that very movement that can create that drop in temperature.

Proving Spirituality With Water


Scientist, Dr. Masuru Emoto, has proven that frozen water crystals respond to words, music, positive and negative. We are made up of 90% water when we are young, 70% as we age, and 50% when we get older, and therefore we must also respond at a cellular level. What we put out into the universe affects others, as we are affected. Read about his experiments and see the beautiful crystals shown in his experiment. Dr. Emoto was also involved in the above movie, "What the Bleep-Down the Rabbit Hole". To read about this and see a video on how it is done Click Here!

More of Dr. William Tiller's Experiments


Many tests are being done thoughout the world by many physicists. Dr. William Tiller states that the last one hundred years has proven a new outlook on how the universe, and ourselves, really work.

In following the progress, it is clear to see that they are actually conditioning the space to produce even more and greater experiments.

with using simple products such as water, invitro liver enzimes and fruit flies, “intent” has proven to be the necessary part allowing us to understand it’s role in the mechanics of all that is.

By taking two identical testing machines, wrapping one in foil wrap and then putting it in a Faroday cage within 156’ to 900’ away, the intent given to the test machine by four people in deep meditation and sending it intent, has proven that it will affect the caged machine also. The Faroday cages are used so as to eliminate any electromagnetic information being sent to the protected machine. Although these tests are done under strict laboratory conditions, it has been proven that intent can travel clear across the world, as described in other writings on this page, and also witnessed by the random sound experiments.

With “intent”, water has been increased and decreased by a PHP level of 1 to 1.5, the difference between life and death of a human being.

The electromagnetic properties of the invitro liver enzime has changed the cell itself by intent at the rate of 15%.

Intent has also reduced the larvae growth rate of a fruit fly by 25%, with a study done on more then 10,000 larvae.

These tests prove that the space has been conditioned by pure intent - space being that vacuum that we have always thought was nothing, but infact is the something that ties all things together. In other words, it has memory (what I often refer to as universal knowledge) throughout this site.

Accuptuncture shows us that if a northern magnet is placed on a certain meridian or chakra, it will weaken that particular muscle, while a southern magnet will strengthen it. This unseen reaction can be called “Chi” or “Prama”. This space is melleable which means it can raise and alter our reality, and is the very life source of the energy/frequency/vibration we live by.

By using “intent”, we can create a conditioned space, which not only has been proven by the great physicist’s minds of today, but by readers and participants of this site. A couple examples would be the many beautiful orbs shared with us by Patti and Gary, taken in their created and conditioned space where orbs and love abound. Their “intent” and “love” has created what some would almost consider a vortex because of the amount of beautiful activity that shows itself. As anyone knows who has read this site, my TV room is my conditioned space, the place where most activity has taken place within my home and video taped for your review.

We, each and every individual, is not only influenced by everyone else, we influence their lives also by sending out our intent, our love or hate, acceptance or bitterness, etc. Our personal spiritual journeys are important to us, but we are also responsible for our thoughts, our feelings, our intent as they becomes part of the universe itself and affects everyone and everything that exists, or will exist. We must all look inside and learn not only how to change ourselves, but in doing so, help change the universe itself. To understand this concept even more, I would highly recommend viewing the DVD called “Conscious Acts of Creation - The Emergence of a New Physics” by Dr. William Tiller, Ph.D., Stanford University Professor Emertus, or by reading his book entitled the same.

To learn more about Prama, click here. Click Here!

To learn more about Chi/Qi, click here. Click Here!

Scientific Research


To see the web sites featuring institutional and academic studies of the paranormal and leading edges of scientific exploration, as well as skeptic resources Click Here!

Global Coherence Project


Become active in the Global Coherence Project. Track the changes in the electromagnetic field via sensors and latest scientific information. Participate in synchronous activities by using your energy to make a difference not only in yourself but in the universe itself. Hear the sounds of the universe. You can and do make a difference!

Click Here!

Moving Large Boulders With Sound


Tibetan Monks found to move large boulders by use of sound, as witnessed by scientists. To learn more about this Click Here!

This month (March, 2008) the History Channel had a show wherein an experiment proved that sound waves alone could make a cup move inside a glass square container with very little energy, but the key factor was that certain sound waves had to resonate with another. After securing the glass container, sound waves were added on three sides of the container through openings. The cup not only lifted, moved, but hovered during the experiment.

Coral Castle and an Experiments You Can Do Yourself


The man’s name is Edward Leedskalnin and he was born in Riga, Latvia August 10, 1887 and passed away on 12/7/l951 at the age of 64. He alone created and built the beautiful Coral Castle now located in Homestead, Florida. For whatever reason, after completion, in 1936 he moved the park to Homestead from its orginal construction site. This tiny man who stood just over 5 foot tall and weighing a mere 100 pounds did something that no one can explain, except for perhaps the ancient Egyptians. He single-handedly moved blocks of coral stone weighing upwards of 30 tons. Such stones cannot be moved even today without the use of huge cranes.

Mr. Leedskalnin, after being jilted on the night before his wedding by a young sixteen year old girl named Agnes Scuffs, moved to the United States where a Florida doctor discovered that Ed was suffering from terminal tuberculosis and was only given a few months to live. He decided to find a piece of land where he could build a monument to the love of his life, in hopes that she would come to the United States and marry him once she learned out about it, and attempted to curee his tuberculosis himself and was successful.

It was reported that Ed was seen laying on a huge, round, perfectly balanced rock that he could rotate with just a kick of his foot. There were reports that a wooden pyramid shaped structure was on the circular stone and aligned with the sun. Ed would lay underneath the pyramid structure in the sunlight for two hours a day, on a daily basis. He once stated that "cancer could not live within a magnetic field" (Ed actually wrote and published a small book on magnetism, which is believed to have something to do with his Ed’s abilities). A doctor's report is on display showing that weeks later he was told at the astonishment of his doctor that he had the lungs and blood of a child and there was no longer any indication of tuberculosis.

In 1923 he opened Rock Gate Park. He constructed a 9-ton rock gate that was able to be pushed open by a child of nine years of age. There was only a quarter inch clearance on either side. Other structures that Ed created included a 28-ton obelisk, a 20-ton Polaris Telescope that constantly follows the Polaris star in the sky, a 5000 lb heart-shaped table, a 23-ton crescent moon, a sun-dial that keeps time within 2 minutes, the only known moon dial in the world, a 30-ton block of coral and much more, including a 5000 lb heart-shaped table. The stones in the walls of Coral Castle average 6 1/2 tons each; more than those in the great pyramid, which average around 3 tons. Unlike what one would expect, the rocking chairs had angled, not rounded, bottoms. His explanation was they were balanced by "their center of gravity.

Rumors abounded that the move of the original site was the result of a brutal attack that almost killed him. Speculation was they were trying to force him into telling his secrets, while others thought it was government related. Both children and adults claim to have seen Ed floating stones like balloons filled with hydrogen, as well as other strange occurrences. Several of the stones at Coral Castle are much heavier than 10 tons and have absolutely no chisel marks on them. When asked how he cut and moved the huge stones, he would only say that he knew the secrets of Egypt and Peru and understood the laws of weight and leverage. Ed stated several times that science was wrong about electricity, and that is should be more appropriately called, “magneticity”. He believed everything was made up of tiny magnets.

Coral Castle was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.

How was this done? Did he know the secrets of the ancient Egyptians? Did he depend on what he called "magneticity", or levitation via sound vibration? As of today we do not know the answers, but there are a lot of answers we do not know. There are a lot of wonderful sites on the internet about this unexplained mystery, but one thing we do know is that it is true and it does exist.

Does Ed's feat have anything to do with the physics of raising a man and a chair with just four fingers and no effort?. At the time, I wouldn't have believed this unless I took part in an experiment myself. It consisted of five people, three females all less then 100 pounds each, and two males both approximately 180 pounds each. We took turns sitting in the chair as the rest raised one another with one finger of the four remaining participants. A trick one of the boys learned while at college. This is just another one of the many true stories of one man building a park, one man moving tons of rocks and pole barns by himself, a group of people moving rocks with tons of weight by vibration of music, things we have been taught not to believe, but they do. There are YouTube videos of people and chairs being as light as a feather and other sites that describe it, such as Click Here!

Science and Ghost Hunting


To learn more about this subject Click Here!

Three EMF Meters and Yoki Work Together


Last night (9/29/08), I had my friends from TN stop by with their teenage daughter and we started playing with the Yoki, K-11, and Guass Master, and I even pulled out a third EMF detector.

I have never tried using them all at the same time to see what would happen and lo and behold, they worked together. It was probably the best experiment I personally have done to date. When the lights on the K-11 flashed on/off, the Guass Master also increased/decreased it's reading, and as spikes rose, the Yoki spun faster. We were able to track the position of the spirit(s) by following the spikes. I'll give you a couple examples.

Robin dearly loved Tim and looked at him and teased him as a brother. At one point the Guass Master started to read high right on Tim's lap. At the same time I asked Robin if she was playing with Tim and sitting on his lap and the K-11 blinked in perfect timing to my question. This is just one of many questions we asked and got responses to.

Kathy had lost a little girl named Dorothy who would be 12 years old and her birthday was day before yesterday so they went and put some birthday decorations on her grave. We were able to track an EMF spike to Kathy as we asked Dorothy if she was happy with the way they decorated her grave site, and again the K-11 blinked and the Yoki moved. Robin always had a dream to go to Ireland, so I asked her if she finally got there and again the K-11 responded. This question and finding session lasted about 30 or 45 minutes. We found out that Robin, Tony, Jimmy, my sister, and Dorothy were here.

I am so sorry I didn't video the entire session but we were all so amazed by what was happening and watching each meter and Yoki correspond with the other that I didn't even want to stop to get the video recorder out. At one point during this time we (all four of us) heard a musical sound made up of about 4 or 5 distinct notes. We all looked at each other and I assumed it was a cell phone of one of them, but they all said it wasn't anything of theirs and I know I don't have anything that would have made those notes. Kitty even got into the act and started meowing as he followed whatever he was seeing with his eyes, which of course made us all start laughing.

In the midst of asking questions and trying to watch all the EMF detectors, I noticed that Tim kept glancing at my hallway. Out of the blue he asked if I ever saw something black going back and forth in the hall and I told him yes. He said he kept seeing a black movement and then he grabbed my camera and took a picture. He did get a picture of an orb in the hallway.

The majority of the time the K-11 had three buttons that lit and blinked on/off but occasionally would go down to two or up to four. The Guass Master was spiking in the yellow high range with increases to the highest point of the red. In between there were times when all of them would show no activity at all as the spirits moved away and we walked around trying to find them. So much of the time they stayed in front of me from an area between my knees and up to or just above my head. When talking to Dorothy, the spikes were by Kathy.

As interesting as being able to follow the energy and getting consistent response from questions, I'm just as excited that all equipment worked together because no one can ever say that one of the meters was malfunctioning because that would have meant they all had to malfunction at precisely the same moment, nor can anyone say that we were in an area that just had a high EMF range because of the number of times they dropped to zero and the energy could be followed from one side of the room, from higher to lower, and at different ranges. Despite the fact that we for the most part left the K-11 sitting on a footstool with the Yoki so we could all watch it, the other two EMF meters were either in my hand or in Paula's, far enough away from the K-11 so there was no interference caused by them. This definitely was the "mother" of all experiments for me. What also made it so great was that there were four of us involved and we all got to see the results.

If you are interested in purchasing any paranormal equipment by individual piece or in a paranormal kit, I would highly recommend Clicking Here!



Andre Lunet with his multi-cultural experiences, curiosity and pronounced taste for perfection, lead him to study various fields: scientific, philosophical, and spiritual. Andre developed a passion for eastern traditions, magneto-therapy and well-being in general. He has developed new systems and tools, and his latest invention is the YOKI.

According to Andre, “YOKI is principally a device of observation of our inner state and of optimization of our serenity. Its use familiarizes us with the letting go of the auto-observation or meditation. Thanks to the necessary attention paid to this activity, the mental objections and tensions disappear bit by bit. Thus, the device facilitates the letting go that we relate normally to a state of inner peace and awakening, in fact our true nature.

When we reach this graceful state, the YOKI indicator turns. According to the regularity of its rotation, you visualize your liberation. With a calm, stable, receptive mind, you are more cool whilst preserving this beneficial state.

We have now an incomparable instrument, to appreciate our inner energy, to recognize the factors which harmonize this energy with those that deteriorate it, to rediscover inner peace and to open up to spiritual vision.”

The Yoki is based solely on spiritual energy and the theory of the “observer” and the “observed”.

To read more about the YOKI and its amazing benefits, testimonies, and Andre’s theories and conclusions, please click on the following:

To learn more about Wellbeing and Yoki, Click Here!

Understanding the part of the observer, the role it plays in our lives. The importance of meditation, relaxation, creativity.

To learn more about "The Light of Conscience", Click Here!

Yoki Experiment


An interesting experiment was done with the Yoki. Once it settled down from being moved and the EMF was at 0.0 mguass, I respectfully requested that my children come to the Yoki and use their energy to move it. Much to my surprise it did not seem to do anything when the EMF spiked to the 2 - 3 mguass range, but moved very consistently during the 5 - 6 mguass range. As you can see from this picture, the EMF reading is 5.3 mguass. To see the Yoki in movement, please go to the "Videos of Activities" page of this site.

The Weight of the Soul


To read about the experiment made by a physician, at the exact moment of transition Click Here!

The Resonance Project


To understand Resonance, wave lenths, new research, and to see stories and more, make sure to check out this website:

Click Here!

Origins of the Universe


This site outlays the origins of the universe and brings about a different perspective. To learn more about it Click Here!

Things to Ponder by Brian



The Universe is so large, that containing these seemingly infinite amounts energy in a stable condition, and at the same time having the capability to deliver these energies any where in the Universe will require a concept beyond our understanding.

It would make good sense to assume that "nature" has taken care of all this. What better way is there to store unlimited quantities of energies than to store them right here, occupying every millimeter of the the Universe... stored as a POTENTIAL source.of all our energies, known and unknown.

Then, with that ultimate phenomena , the "Simultaneous Transition," it is possible to EXTRACT huge quantities of energy from any part of the Universe on DEMAND. No time is consumed..and no losses incurred.

Every display of energies we observe in the Universe are more examples of energies extracted from the Aether. Extraction comes about because of the highly resonant and active Electron's electro static interface, which then releases among other things...


Photons can only have their origins in the Aether (vacuum of space) I do not believe that we can make energies in ISOLATION from the Vacuum of Space


There is not a shred of evidence that Photons having left a distant star millions of years ago, are the same Photons that finally arrived here on Earth .

There are two reasons why we should challenge the Deep Space` astronomy calculations.

  • Firstly, because of the inevitable errors beyond 100 light years, the Red Shift should be ignored.
  • Secondly, the creditability and accuracy of measurements of a stellar object will be compromised as a result of the distance from the telescope mirror to the object.
  • In other words, the truth is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the stellar the lens. Scientists have difficulty trying to obtain accurate assessments from celestial bodies right here in our Solar System.

    Our Sun, a most misunderstood object if ever there was one, right on our door step!

    The visible Universe is teeming with Suns just like ours.

    Orb Study


    This is a site dedicated to studying orbs from a scientific approach. To learn more, Click Here!

    Miceal Ledwith Explains Orbs


    Miceal Ledwith explains in The Orb Project "that orbs are not seen by reflected light, but from light that comes from what is known in physics as fluorescence. Fluorescence occurs in orb photography when the photons from the camera flash strike the orb. The photons are then changed to electrons and augment the electrons that already make up the orb and cause the orb to slightly “swell.” When the stimulus of the photons from the flash ceases, the orb shrink back to close to their original size—somewhat like a balloon starting to deflate. The surplus electrons, for which there is now no more room in the shrinking orb, are expelled from the orb and become light photons that reach the camera lens and the digital recording plate."

    The image of an orb in a photograph appears to be slighty recorded later than the other images that are reflected by light, not fluorsescents. In Ledwith's studies it is apparent that orbs are physical, even though not physical as we understand it in the physical realm.

    Thermal Imaging by T.A.P.s


    To see a full manisfistation of a spirit through the use of thermal imaging Click Here!

    A Study in Raindrops


    The first question that comes to mind is what does spirituality have to do with raindrops? When taking photographs of orbs or other phenomenon, there is a lot of debate on phenomenon being one of many different things - drops of water, dust, bugs to name a few. We have included the information below for better understanding of raindrops. To see and study pictures of raindrops and bugs vs. orbs, etc., please go to the "Orbs" page listed on the menu.

    In studying raindrops, one must take into consideration the size and weight of the raindrop. The heavier the drop, the faster it falls. The larger drops fall at an approximate rate of 20 miles per hour compared to a drizzling drop which falls at the rate of approximately 4.5 miles per hour.

    Philipp Lenard, a German physicist, was a brilliant experimental physicist who received the Nobel Prize in physics in 1905, for his work with cathode rays. He began studying raindrops in 1898. "He published the results of his extensive investigation in June 1904, and it presents his work on the shape, size and stability of raindrops during their descent from clouds. Much of Lenard's work focused on the behaviour of raindrops as they fell from the clouds. To do this, he constructed an vertical wind tunnel in which he could vary the upward speed of the airflow to simulate atmospheric updrafts. By adjusting the airflow rate, he could briefly balance a drop in the air stream. This balancing act simulated the aerodynamic forces acting on a drop falling freely through a still air column. The turbulence levels in the airflow of his wind tunnel were so high that drops could not be held steady for more than a few seconds.

    Using the wind tunnel to observe drop behaviour in an airstream, Lenard could see the actual shape a raindrop took while falling - a drop's shape is the same whether it is falling through still air or holding its position in an updraft. By suspending drops of known size, he determined that small drops up to about 0.08” in diameter "fell" as spheres. Larger drops, however, deformed while falling acquiring a shape with a flat bottom and rounded top similar to that of a hamburger bun. Thus, Lenard was the first to report that raindrops were not the stereotypical teardrop shape but were spherical when small and shaped much like a hamburger bun when larger."

    Understanding Vibration Via Music


    This is a wonderful series of 8 videos (2 hours long) explaining through music how our universe works, how are bodies work, how sound makes up and plays an important part of our very being, our everyday lives, our emotions, and that of all things. Music is energy. Click Here!

    Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, Researcher


    Experiment #1:

    Dr. Gary E. Schwartz tests the existence of an afterlife with five top U.S. mediums. He is a professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and surgery at the University of Arizona and the Director of it's Human Energy System's Laboratory. He has served as a professor at both Harvard and Yale Universities.

    In a research experiment directed by Dr. Schwartz and televised by HBO, Dr. Schwartz started his research by inviting John Edwards, Suzanne Northrup, James VanPraagh, George Anderson, and Rev. Anne Gehman to aid in his attempt to prove, or disprove, life after death and spirit communication.

    Two "Sitters", both just everyday people who had lost at least six people in death within a ten year period were asked to participate. Each were asked to make a list of the people who died and information about them. All subjects were seperated so as not to share information, and the mediums were not given any information or the names of the "Sitters", so no information could be obtained from the outside world.

    After being hooked up to electroencephalograms, electric caps,and electrocardiograms with arm electrodes for montoring their brain and heart waves, a "Sitter" was placed on one side of a cloth screen, and each medium, one-by-one was seated on the other side. With the curtain in between, the medium could not see signs of being right/wrong by body language, tilting of heads, etc. Instructions were given not to respond except for "Yes" or "No, and without any further information and/or comments by the "Sitter".

    As each medium did their reading, information was noted and categorized into six areas: "Initials", "Names", "Historical Facts", "Personal Descriptions", "Temperaments", and "Opinions". When results were in, 83% of the information received by the mediums was viewed to be correct, compared to 36% of a controlled group of students who answered similar questions trying to pick/choose the correct answers to the information provided.

    Readings consisted of spirit contact via the mediums who provided the information given to them from beyond such as, physical descriptions, and other data such as who transitioned and the cause of death, closeness/distance of relationship with the "Sitter", and description of a pet who had since died, as well as other information that pertained to the family or the "Sitter" themselves, along with the other six categories listed above. The information provided was out of what some would call a "cold" reading, or would pertain to almost anyone in general.

    Although some of the mediums did better then others in certain areas, the total statistical chance of being right overall far outweighed what would have been believed to be true by both the scientist and the public. When it comes to statistics, the percentage of people would be great if it was said you had a relative that died who's name started with an "M". BUT, if you say this and then go on to say that "M's" brother died, and is with your deceased child who died in the month of December, and was married to Sophie, and she died of lung cancer, the statistically odds of these additional facts changes the entire statistical outlook. It is this type of proof that was being tested.

    Conscious Media Network


    You can never have enough expert opinions when it comes to matters relating to consciousness, intent, spirituality, physics, etc. Here is a good site to watch video clips on various subjects related to this site, including some of the experts written about on this page.

    Click Here!


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    paranormal,ghost stories,ghost pictures,meditation,spirituality,spiritual,spirit,soul,orbs, orb photos,auras,universal laws,spirit photos,EVP,electronic voice recordings,astral projection,ITC,life after death,EMF videos,afterlife,reincarnation, ghost hunting, ghosthunters, inspiration, motivation, apports, instrumental transcommunication


    paranormal,ghost stories,ghost pictures,meditation,spirituality,spiritual,spirit,soul,orbs, orb photos,auras,universal laws,spirit photos,EVP,electronic voice recordings,astral projection,ITC,life after death,EMF videos,afterlife,reincarnation, ghost hunting, ghosthunters, inspiration, motivation, apports, instrumental transcommunication, paranormal, ghost stories, soul, orbs, spirits, ghosts, ghosthunting, apports,paranormal,ghost stories,ghost pictures,meditation,,flying rods, light streaks,spirituality,spiritual,spirit,soul,orbs, orb photos,auras,universal laws,spirit photos,EVP,electronic voice recordings,astral projection,ITC,life after death,EMF videos,afterlife,reincarnation, ghost hunting, ghosthunters, inspiration, motivation, apports, instrumental transcommunication, paranormal, ghost stories, soul, orbs, spirits, ghosts, ghosthunting, apports,universal laws, afterlife, spirit visitation, orbs, EVPs,ITCs,ADCs, near death experience, reincarnation, spirituality,flying rods, light streaks,


    paranormal,ghost stories,ghost pictures,meditation,spirituality,spiritual,spirit,soul,orbs, orb photos,auras,universal laws,spirit photos,EVP,electronic voice recordings,astral projection,ITC,life after death,EMF videos,afterlife,reincarnation, ghost hunting, ghosthunters, inspiration, motivation, apports, instrumental transcommunication, paranormal, ghost stories, soul, orbs, spirits, ghosts, ghosthunting, apports,paranormal,ghost stories,ghost pictures,meditation,spirituality,,flying rods, light streaks,spiritual,spirit,soul,orbs, orb photos,auras,universal laws,spirit photos,EVP,electronic voice recordings,astral projection,ITC,life after death,EMF videos,afterlife,reincarnation, ghost hunting, ghosthunters, inspiration, motivation, apports, instrumental transcommunication, paranormal, ghost stories, soul, orbs, spirits, ghosts, ghosthunting, apports,universal laws, afterlife, spirit visitation, orbs, EVPs,ITCs,ADCs, near death experience, reincarnation, spirituality,flying rods, light streaks,

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