Two Nights

Two Nights


Ethereal Thoughts There are two different recordings on this page. The first one is the very first recording I ever made and the recorder was put in the room where Robin transitioned. The last two months of Robin's physical life she had Dysphagia, a problem that made the tongue, throat, and flaps in her throat so weak that they couldn't work. Her own saliva would go down into her lungs because of the flap not working and she would cough, choke, and not be able to breath. The week that she transitioned, she told me she prayed for death because out of all the pain and disabilities she lived with, the choking and not being able to breath was the worse and scariest of everything. In this recording you will hear her coughing. I believe she deliberately did this to let me know she no longer had to go through this any more. As any parent, I can recognize the sound of her cough.

The other sounds I believe are noises that were made when she would open a two drawer coffee table that was in front of her couch. Since she could not walk, we tried to keep everything within arm's length, and these noises sound like she was shuffling through or looking for something in the drawers.

Although you will hear me say "Night two" the second recording wasn't made the next night, but was the second recording I received and the recorder was again in my bedroom. The telephone ring at the very end is actually my phone ringing and not anything from beyond.

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