Our Story


My Story


I was reared in a family that believed in the paranormal, although back in those days they didn't know what "paranormal" meant.
Ethereal Thoughts

My grandmother came from Croatia, which was a part of what was previously called Yugoslavia. Along with her European ways, she also brought her belief in curses, superstitions, home remedies, and foretelling of the future with her to America.

My mother was brought up to believe in these things and had her own share of dreams and premonitions. One day, as a child under nine years of age, I can remember my mom saying, "I've got to call home. There is something wrong with Margie (her sister)." When she called my grandmother she found out that my aunt was admitted to the hospital for breast cancer. Another recollection is when she said, "I've got to call Pennsylvania because there is something wrong with tata (the word used for "daddy"). Again, she was right.

My father passed away at age thirty five when I was nine years old. The doctor, in a phone conversation, had assured my sister and I that daddy would be home soon. Complications had occurred and my father passed away. When my mom and aunts walked into the house, I remember saying "Daddy died, didn't he?". I knew despite what the doctor had told us, and before anyone else had to tell us.

My mom was left a widow at age twenty nine with two small children. We moved back to Pennsylvania and because she could not find work there, we were forced to return to Michigan. Scared and alone and wondering if she should buy a house with only her low income, she laid on her bed crying one night. She said my dad came to her, hugged her and told her to buy the house and everything would be okay. He assured her that he was watching over all of us.

It wasn't until I was sixteen years old that I realized that I was psychic. I was writing to a boy I liked that just left for college and he wrote me a letter saying he didn't want to write to me anymore because he felt like he was naked before me because I always knew what he was going to do. It broke my heart, but I realized that somehow I did know things, I just didn't know how or why. I also realized that not every one was like this because my best friend was the same way I was so we thought everyone else was the same.

Being as curious back then as I still am today, I wanted to learn more and read every book I could find on premonitions and the like. I learned not to talk about it because people would think you were crazy, or they would be scared of you.

Once I married and had my first born, my daughter, it didn't take long to realize that she too had this ability, only far greater then my gift or that of my mom or grandmother. I'll get into that a little later on.

Except in what I perceived to be threatening situations, I did not talk to people about my feelings. At those times I felt compelled to share my feelings so as not to have to live with regret should something happen. The only people I felt I could talk to was my best friend and my daughter.

As life proceeded and my daughter was growing up, we always played psychic games, making each other's nose itch, or hitting each other in the back from across the room, or reading each other's minds, but somewhere down the line, I lost my ability. Maybe it was raising a child by myself because of a divorce, maybe it was because of having to work, keep a home, worry about bills and I just got lost in life itself. Occasionally I would have a premonition, but for the most part, I left my daughter to carry on in that area.

My Daughter's Story


When things first start happening a couple months after my daughter passed, I didn't start diarying them until there were so many happenings that I felt in time I would forget if they weren't kept in some record form. This is the reason that there are no dates on some of the items (See Album #1 - #3).

These sightings help me, they do not scare me. I was used to them because my deceased son and grandson spent the last several years playing every game they could think of on both my daughter and me. I'll give you just a few of the incidences as I do not have "proof", but only my word.

Before I do that I would like to explain that my daughter was able to both see and hear spirits while she was in the physical plane. She was what is known as an "Indigo" child, able to tell me about her previous life at about age three, starting talking to what I thought was an invisible friend, which is typical in small children, but ended up being spirits. By age eight she could pick up a phone and describe the person on the other end, having never met them, tell them what they were wearing, what room in the house they were in, etc. She had a way of knowing what was going to happen and when. She even knew what day she would transition. See "Night Weeping" on the Inspiration page. Robin asked me to get a particular book just a few hours before she transitioned. She put a red paper clip on that page, knowing I would be curious enough to wonder why she was so insisted on my getting it for her.

Robin was so unique that on her headstone, I simply wrote "Ethereal Enigma". Those two words describe her better than any essay could. She was the most spiritual person I ever knew, she believed in reincarnation, and promised me that her and the boys would visit and play with me often. As always, she has kept her word, for the "truth" to her was the most important part of her being. If Robin told you something, it was going to be the "whole truth and nothing but the truth". She was a born "teacher", and keeps on teaching even now.

Robin believed she chose her life and she chose her parents and all circumstances prior to birth. Despite being pain ridden, bedridden and wheelchair bound for many years, she never complained and never wanted sympathy. One day, her last week in the physical sense, I made the comment that I don't even know if I can believe in God anymore when I see how she is suffering. Robin's words to me were, "Mom, please don't say that. This is not God's fault, it was my choice, and God would never take our choice away from us." She went on to say that the lessons she learned were of her choosing, and that me, her doctors, her children, and anyone who was around her also had lessons to learn from what she chose to go through.

At first, Robin was so persistent on turning on the computer and bringing up a recording program that I finally got the message and realized she wanted me to try to record her and the boys, so I have. I've learned all about spirit photos because of her persistence and help in getting the types of pictures as seen in the albums mentioned above. In the last two or three months, Robin and the boys started to show me their presence by radiating a small light, about the size of a pin head, moving across the room, or a puff of dark or white ectoplasm.

Our Move to Tennessee


When I was ready to retire, Robin and I decided we wanted to live in the country and see trees and mountains and beauty all around us instead of the next door neighbor's house. I wanted to move back to Michigan and she wanted to move deep south, so we compromised and decided Kentucky was the half way point.

We flew from Las Vegas to Michigan to visit my sister and rented a car to drive to Kentucky to some of the areas I found on the internet. We did find a home we liked and I put in an offer and down payment and drove back to Michigan to drop off the car so we could fly back to Las Vegas. Robin kept telling me the house was going to fall through, but I kept on insisting that we had a legally binding signed contract. While back in Michigan, the agent called to say the owner decided to take the house off the market. I rented another car and we set out again to find another one.

In the meantime, my grandson came to his mom and showed her a really nice house on 3.5 acres, surrounded by woods and located on top of a mountain, with a deck on three sides. We stopped in a few different areas and couldn't find anything we liked that met are "wants". While spending the night at a motel in Kentucky, my son came to his sister and showed her a tunnel about a mile long with ivy everywhere when you exited it. Her brother was running through the tunnel with Robin following him. He kept turning back and waiving as to say "come on". The boys also told her about $5,000.00 extra that I didn't tell her I had just in case we had to have some home improvements or buy curtains, etc. Having come from Michigan just across the river from Canada, when I think of a tunnel, I think of a tunnel that goes under water. I told her Kentucky didn't have water so they couldn't have a tunnel. While settling in for the night at a motel, Robin was looking at the Kentucky map when she saw the word "tunnel". Despite my doubts, but having lived with Robin so long, I knew if she said it, it had to be true. We set out the next day and although you enter the tunnel in Kentucky, you exit it in Tennessee. Robin's face lit up like a Christmas tree because it was the tunnel her brother showed her, ivy and all.

Being tired of driving and getting discouraged, I decided to stop at a little store to buy some snacks and picked up a "Homes For Sale" pamphlet before I found another motel. I walked into the motel room, threw the pamphlet on the bed and said, "Robin, we need a "MIRACLE" to find anything". It was about 7:00 PM on a Sunday night. Once I settled down, I picked up the pamphlet that had landed with the pages open and on one page there was a realty company listed. I decided to call to leave a message on a recording machine because I figured no one would be working that late on a Sunday. Much to my surprise, a lady answered the phone. I told her that I couldn't believe anyone would be working so late on a Sunday night. She said she doesn't but she forgot something at the office so decided to stop in and pick it up when the phone rang. Her last name was "MIRACLE", just what I said we needed to find a house.

Before setting out the next morning, Robin told me I'd find the house today because the boys told her. My daughter wasn't feeling good so I went alone with the real estate agent. We looked and looked at houses, but nothing excited me until the last one. As soon as I saw it, before I even walked in, I knew this was the house that Robin described, woods, on top of a mountain, and a deck on three sides. When I got back to the motel, she quietly said "You found it didn't you?" I asked her if she felt good enough to go to see it and we went back. Robin even showed me the spot Tony was standing on, on the back deck. Needless to say we bought the house.

As I met people they would always ask, "What made you move to New Tazewell?" I hated that question because it is hard to tell people that your deceased son and grandson led you to it. I believe we are where we are meant to be. Robin's new doctor's were able to diagnose her further than the ones in Las Vegas.

Six months prior to Robin's transition, several unexpected things happened that forced us to move, primarily her health care. She always hated Michigan and that is one reason we moved from it, but now she insisted we move back to the place she hated for years. She knew her time was short, and told our friends that she knew she wouldn't be here for the holidays and wanted me to be close to my family and friends. They did not tell me about that conversation until after her burial.

Jimmy and Tony's Visitations


1. All electricity would be out because of a storm or whatever, and yet my daughter's TV, video player, and/or computer would work and give us a little light. Every place else in the house was without electricity, which goes out a whole lot in the country.

2. One night the channels went crazy switching back and forth and ended up ordering a "Pay for" movie with Jim Carey, which neither one of us liked, but my grandson loved. Needless to say, I had to pay for that.

3. Items would be moved all around and end up where least expected, and right next to you if you happened to doze off.

4. Lights would turn off and on, funny noises could be heard, and so many other things.

February 4, 2007 Story


Last night was a very unusual evening. When Robin was about 16 she had to have some surgery and found out her blood type. According to her blood type, it was impossible to be a result of me and her father's type - a mystery we never solved until maybe last night.

I saw Robin when she was delivered and heard her cry, a sound any mother can recognize even if there are other babies around. I knew she was my child and I certainly knew who fathered her since I was married and never would have slept with anyone else. Throughout the years, when Robin and I would be playing and she was disagreeing with me, I'd always say I was going to give her back to her "real" mom. We'd laugh about it, but the puzzle of the blood was never understood by either one of us and sometimes she'd playfully ask me who her "real" father was, the milkman, the mailman, or a very good friend of ours who she dearly loved and would have loved to have been his daughter.

Last night I was watching TV, a show on medical mysteries, and sure enough they gave three examples that explained a very, very rare condition where a set of twin cells unite within the first four days of conception thereby resulting in one baby instead of two, causing the mother to actually have two different DNAs in her system because literally, she is her own twin. This never shows up in the blood test, but can only be found through internal tissue samples and sometimes hair tests. We know twins run in the family because I miscarried a set of twins and my niece has twins, so the theory is not totally unbelievable to me. Each one of the ladies in the show were told their children did not belong to them, one was even accused of kidnapping her children. Thank goodness one doctor believed her patient and started a series of scientific testing and came up with the answer on how a child can have a different blood type then their mother.

Anyway, as I was watching the show as soon as I realized what it was going to be about, I asked Robin to watch it with me so we could finally solve our mystery. I just knew she was watching it too, I could feel her.

I laid down on the couch and when I did, her closet door came into view and both doors where open a little on each side as you can see from the picture. This is a closet I don't use because it still is full of some of Robin's clothes and special things. It was not opened earlier, so I just smiled knowing it was her telling me she was there. A few minutes later as my head rested on the arm of the couch, I heard one loud distinct knock next to the arm rest. I assumed my cat came in the room and knocked into something until I saw him a few minutes later walking down the hallway from the other end of the house and laying down on the carpet by the door of the room I was in. Guess it was another sign from Robin.

After the show I told Robin that I knew she was there so please give me a picture so I took the picture of the orb in the same spot she transitioned and the blue energy came alive.

I didn't stop there because I knew she was still around so I decided to make a recording, and sure enough I got all kinds of strange noises - this one you are going to have to take my word on because when I tried to upload it to the computer this morning, time and time again, it just wasn't going to happen. It would continue to play one recording after another of the previous recordings I had made, despite they are on different cassettes, with music coming in and out and all kinds of weird things. Even though I turned off the Hijack program, the sound still continued, which it shouldn't have. One of the weird things (if all of the above isn't), is that I actually did get the recording to upload and as always, played it back and it was fine. As I was ready to upload it on to the site, I started it and that is when one recording just kept attaching itself to others.

Another thing is that Robin use to do the weirdest things on the computer and lately she hasn't so last night I asked her why she quit playing with the computer. I guess she gave me the answer today.

I was so excited after last night that I e-mailed my son-in-law and told him everything. Here is his response:

Hi Joyce

You know, we had discussed this subject about people being their own twin. I had seen the program before and mentioned it to you. But the connection of you being your own twin never came up. It never occurred to me that this would explain the blood type mystery in Robin. Very interesting. It would be cool if you could have yourself checked out.

Shadow - April 29, 2007

Tonight was wonderful. A friend and I were sitting talking about the book "Courageous Souls" and I was explaining certain aspects of it, and most particularly how the one thing foremost in my mind lately was a certain lesson that I felt I haven't learned yet in this life. Oddly as I was reading before my friend came over, the first page I read was on the very subject I've been dwelling on. The subject was very deep and spiritual in nature, and to me very personal.

All of a sudden my cat who was just laying down bounced right up and ran a little distance constantly watching something very intensely. My friend asked me what the cat was looking at. I knew immediately, from past experience, and ran and got my cellphone, compass, and EMF detector. I laid the compass and EMF on the coffee table and asked my friend to watch it as I took the many steps to get to the video portion of my cellphone. While doing so, I noticed a black shadow move across the oriental screen three times. I felt confident that I captured it on video, only to find out that the recorder did not go on. In the meantime, my friend said both the compass and EMF were giving a lot of readings and movement. I made a short video clip and you can see the moldings on one section of the screen cannot be seen, like something is standing in front of them, and moving. This particular area is all white. Although it is hard to see, you can see a little piece of the black shadow just like what I saw tonight, and many other times, but you have to look very closely to the arm of the couch as it curves downward about mid length and you will see a small bit of black. There are two times the top of my friend's head moved and you can see it for a second or so. The black shadow I'm talking about is between the arm and the screen. You may have to play it two or three times before you catch it, as it is only there for a very short time. The videos can all be seen from the "Scientific Study" page under "EMF an Compass". Tonight video is named "Shadow".

As this was all happening, my friend saw the compass move many times and the EMF spiked. Because the lighting is bad in the living room I didn't even try to capture the EMF and compass as I didn't think they would show up and I was more interested in the shadow.

By the time we finished our "thing", the cat had gone into the back TV room and pulled the balloon I have mentioned earlier in another section of the site, that had floated into my bedroom by itself and hit my shoulder and when I stood up, it raised itself higher to my eye sight, and only went back up to the ceiling when I gave a tug on the string. It was like the cat recognized whatever it saw tonight as the same thing that made the balloon drop down through the doorway, float down the hall and turn into my bedroom and drop down to hit me and then rise up to level eye sight.

Fact Not Fiction


Out of respect for my daughter, son, and grandson, these words are all "true", with no exaggeration or embellishment on my part. This subject is too important and too spiritual in nature that there is no room for anything less then the truth. This site is to give encouragement and belief to those who question or doubt their experiences.

Oct., Dec. 2007 and Jan., Feb. 2008




On October 30, 2007 a female friend of mine and I checked into a motel close to the hospital I was going to go to early the next morning to have surgery. I took my camera with me hoping to get orb shots letting me know my kids were with me.

Jeannie decided to watch a program called "The Unit" while I was snapping pictures around the room. It was only after returning home from my surgery that I saw that I did catch an orb directly in front of my bed, and when I asked Jeannie's dad to appear so I could get a picture of him, I was able to get three pictures of orbs close to his daughter who was laying on her bed.

The picture about has a spirit person I believe to be my son, Jimmy. When I first saw this picture, I called Jeannie to see if she was watching some kind of paranormal show that could have had spirits in it. She assured me that "The Unit" is not that type of show. No one was in the room except for me and my friend. Double exposures are impossible on digital cameras and can only be made into double exposures on cameras that use film. I have tried, without success to get a DVD copy of this program to prove my fact.

If you study the spirit on the right it appears he has wrinkles on his forehead but by making it larger, you can tell it is moving energy as it projects outside the line of his face. I'm not sure if he was just manifesting or dissipating. Jimmy is the male voice saying "hello" on one of my EVPs. The night that EVP was taken, I had been talking to him and wishing I could hear his voice.

I had six other surgeries during the month of December, one in January and one in February and every time I took pictures to see if my children were with me, I did get orbs.

Another time the nurse brought me my lunch. I remember thinking the tray was so clean and white and wondered if I was the very first person to ever use it. Once home and able to upload the picture, the tray had a delicate yellow line drawn on it. A day or so later, I saw an ad on TV with a cat just like Robin's, and the same delicate yellow line was used within the ad.

Because I had to have more then half my face removed and then reconstructed due to cancer, I was unable to wear my glasses due to stitches, swelling and/or bandages so I was not able to be on the computer (which has always been the prime source of our visitations). Anyone who has children knows that what one child doesn't think of, the other one will. Mine are no different. They knew they could not communicate via the computer and I couldn't see their twinkling lights or orbs to let me know they were here so they became very inventive.

It was about the 3rd or 4th surgery when my mattress was either pushed or pulled off the bed, landing on an angle with me in it and needless to say, I rolled down on to the part of the mattress that was on the floor. This occurred while I was asleep. I immediately started to laugh at them, put the mattress back on the bed and two more times landed on the floor. The last two times I didn't even have the time to fall asleep so I was wide awake as I felt the mattress moving in a constant not too fast and not too slow speed. I told the kids I really needed to get some sleep as I had been through a lot that day so the phenomenon stopped for the night. The same thing happened the next night. No, I wasn't dreaming and no, I was not on any type of pain medication that could have made me hallucinate. Out of all their games and playing with me, I'll always love this one the most because to me it is the funniest.

One night my hair felt like a bug or spider might have fallen from the ceiling into it and I shook it but didn't see anything. I even went into the bathroom to look in the mirror and there was nothing there. This started a series of someone playing with my hair.

Now came the knocks, like someone tapping on the wall or the TV, or on the floor with their knuckle. This is still something they are doing a lot of as of this writing.

Not being able to see good, the kids became insistent on making my TV and my digital clock make an electrical sounding static. When they wouldn't stop I took out the EMF meter and got a few high spiking EMFs. These videos and pictures have been posted in the albums and video page.

I am happy to say that in the last few days I have been able to wear my glasses so again I see their plasma and/or twinkling lights.

March through October, 2008


On February 29, 2008 my sister transitioned. My nephew and his daughter lived with her and my sister was the only mom my niece ever knew. They were extremely close and my sister had just made reservations for Ashley's 16th Birthday party which was one week after my sister's transition. Even though it was hard on Ashley not to have her grandma there in the physical sense, we decided to go ahead with the party knowing that is what my sister would have wanted us to do. I took many pictures both at the restaurant and at my house where the kids came for a gab session. Needless to say, we caught many orbs proving to Ashley that her grandma was at the party.

About one week later my niece's cell phone would simply say "Hello" whenever it wanted to, while laying down and not being used. Although Ashley was convinced it was her grandma contacting her, she did call the manufacturer to see what would cause it. They told her they didn't know but they would send her a new one, which they did. The new one now says, "Hello. I Love You." This has been repeatedly heard not only by Ashley, but by her dad and his girlfriend. Their TV turns itself off/on, and changes channels.

By now everyone knows that if there is something electronic in my house, my kids are going to play with it, but they have never played with my cell phone. There have been some new things added to their games. I have two printers attached to my computer. One was my daughters. Several times recently the top cover raises up and then drops down, or the ink cartridge will go across the roller. I have captured orbs close to the desk when this happens, as well as high EMFs. This has also happened once all equipment was turned off for the night so no electricity was going to any of the equipment.

Two times this last week or so my cell phone has made the duplicate noise my computer makes when I send an e-mail. When I click on the "Send" icon the outgoing e-mail makes a sound like it is flying away from the computer. Tonight the tapping noise that people make: da da da da da da da (5 fast, short time in between and then 2 more taps) came from my cell phone via a musical note but with the same rhythm that is used when knocking. All three times I was sitting on the couch watching TV and the cell phone was on my desk against a different wall. I would like to think this is my sister's way of letting me know it is her and not my kids, knowing I would associate Ashley's phone visitations to mine. The day I found out that my sister had left the physical realm, I was crying really hard and talking to her. I asked her to please, please show me that she was still here with me, but if possible, could she please do it in a way that I would know it was her and not one of the kids. I took a picture and there was one big bright dense white orb in front of a picture our mom painted. I believe it was her saying, "It is me, we shared the same mom." I then asked if Robin and the boys were with her and immediately I got a picture with four orbs.

My best friend recently celebrated her 70th birthday and I took a lot of pictures. I was able to get several orbs in blues, peach, and white colors. I had respectfully asked her transitioned parents to please show themselves so she would know they were at her party.

I had this happen several times on my old Mac computer, but this week Robin's e-mail address showed up on my "Instant Message" on my new computer. Robin's address is the second one from the top.

Second week in September has been very active. First I found a thin man's gold wedding band sitting on a table I have on my front porch. I can't imagine anyone picking out my house, walking up the sidewalk and then the porch only to lay their wedding ring on my table. Robin had one exactly the same width that she used for a toe ring.

Later that night I lost my balance and fell into the hallway wall because my black cat came shooting around my ankle just in front of me so I didn't want to step on him. Much to my surprise, as I continued down the hall I found my cat sound asleep. I often get black shadows like this and even accidently walked through one.

The other night I had a friend over and both the computer and printer did their "thing". When we walked back into the livingroom, we noticed a throw that I have on one side was neatly folded and moved.

Last night my printer ink cartridge moved on its own, my TV blanked out twice and there was a big thud in the middle of the room. I pulled out my K-11 and as soon as I turned it on I knew I had company because three lights were on. If you are not familiar with a K-11, they have five lights that can turn on as the EMF spikes higher. I asked several questions and the lights blinked in response. Since energy/spirits can spike an EMF a lot of people believe this tool is one of the best for communication for "yes" and "no" questions.

9-25-08 Tonight the ink cartridge moved across the roller twice while I was laying on the TV.

October, 2008. See "Ethereal Thoughts #3" album for pictures and an explanation of what occurred that prompted me to take pictures.

October, 2008 through March 8, 2009


The visitations continue as normal, with many videos and pictures to validate, as well as other people.

Because I live by myself and I have no distractions except for my cat, it makes it very easy to concentrate and acknowledge what is happening around me, and to distinguish between normal house/outside noises and those that are different. My loved ones and I have gotten these visitations down to almost a science. Throughout these years I didn't know who was here, I only knew someone was. At this point I can usually tell who it is by the type of activity that is occurring, at least in my TV room. Examples: Robin visits via the computer, printer and regular phone, my sister via the cellphone, and the boys via the TV and clock. You may be wondering how I've come to this conclusion, but it is really quite simple. I know who I am thinking about or talking to, what I'm watching and who it would apply to, or what I'm reading or typing. Consistently my thoughts or what I'm doing bring about certain activity. When in doubt, there is one guarantee. Because I am so sensitive to the energy and electromagnetic field around me, all I have to do is ask for a hug. Each of my loved ones has their own unique "feel".

More and more I am getting the tingling of what sounds like bells, musical notes, or the sound you would hear if you hit a crystal glass with a spoon.

This last week I have had a few different experiences then I have had in the past. One day I lifted my shoe to put it on to go shopping and a dime fell out of it. Believe me, had it been in the shoe the last time I wore it, I would have felt it.

I found a red oriental knick knack on the floor of the dining room. This was originally on the top shelf of a high video tower which I use for books and unique items that belong to Robin. Because of the location and height, I know my cat couldn't have knocked it off.

I walked out of my TV room, where my cat was sleeping on my desk chair and went into the kitchen to get something to eat. I heard a very loud and unusual sound coming from the living room. I quickly glanced to see what the noise was, didn't see anything and decided my cat probably jumped on something and ran down the hallway. When I went back to my TV room, I saw my cat was still sound asleep so I decided to check the living room more closely. Much to my amazement, I have a tall black oriental cabinet that was Robins. It is made from wood and has nine drawers in it. This piece of furniture had been pulled away from the wall one one side, about 3". Because of the weight of it, it is even hard for me to move so I know my cat could not have moved it.

My loved ones have been great in allowing me to see their white or black shadows, my little twinkling lights, a beautiful blue orb, and sprints of ecto cross the room. Twice this past week the printer cartridge moved across the roller again, and the cellphone did its thing.

Last night, March 7, 2009, I was converting 7 or 8 short video clips into one long one, which took about 20 minutes to convert. All of a sudden my computer screen went black and from the bottom upward, three pictures appeared. The first one was of the couch where Robin transitioned and showed her first moving orb, the second was one of the TV room with huge, huge orbs, and the third was of a dollhouse I'm working on, with huge orbs around it. As the third picture scrolled off the screen it became black again. Each picture almost filled the entire screen and scrolled off before the next one appeared. I hit a key on my keyboard and my video converter came back on, almost complete despite it still had about 10 minutes to go prior to the pictures showing themselves.

What do I think the message were? First of all the videos were from a party I attended in Florida for a man that Robin viewed as a father figure. I knew the kids were in Fla. with me as I was able to capture orbs precisely where I asked Robin to show herself. The dollhouse is something Robin and I were going to try to do together, but it never happened due to her physical problems and this past week I finally bought some paint and supplies to start working on it and I believe she was letting me know she sees I'm finally going to work on it. The couch picture to me was to let me know it was her who was communicating with me.

3-21-09 Visitation


This short video clip is a perfect example of one of the types of visitation I experience. I was going to play a video to see if I could make some changes and before I could even click the mouse (you can see where the cursor is), Robin's song (the one she added to the slideshow/video on the "Blue Energy" page), started to play on my computer. This song is no where on my computer except on this site and on a DVD which is filed away.

4-12-09 Update on Passover/Easter Weekend


Saturday and Sunday were just packed full of activity. Saturday night after the TV gave it's static notification to me, I pulled out my Guass Master and K-11. I had a lot of wonderful responses on the K-11 when asking who all was here and if they were able to see someone who recently transitioned in December. Before the new battery was drained on the Guass Master, it was also showing some spikes in accordance to the K-11.

I had recently (about a week ago or so) mentioned to a friend that I would like to experiment with lasers, and when I got on my computer last night, there on my desk was a tiny sticker that said "Push here for laser". Up until now I did not buy any laser equipment but I sure will now. Earlier in the day I had cleaned the top of my desk so I know it wasn't there, and I know I do not have anything in the house that would have had this sticker on it.

Another thing that happened was that I did take 11 videos and one picture of the responses I was getting but when I went to upload them on my computer, there were 51 videos, some as old as two years or more. The 11 videos and one picture were half way in between the old videos. Since I forgot to hit the erase button I re-entered my memory card and now there were just the original 12 that I took. Knowing my habits I know I always erase my memory card because I use the camera so much, but even if I would have forgotten to do it the last time I used the card, that still does not explain why last nights captures would fall between the 51 videos that I took a couple years ago, but would have been at the end of all the others.

I also had a "first" in that I did have the TV on while I was uploading the videos from the camera to the computer when I heard what sounded like a man's voice coming from the speaker of my computer. I turned the TV off and the only words I could clearly hear was "It will be okay". I have no clue what that means or why it came from my speakers, nor did I hear the first few words because of the TV.

On Sunday, the TV did its thing and although I said hi and smiled, the kids were not ready to give up that easy. They made the printer ink cartridge slide across the roller so I decided to take pics and of course captured orbs as I would have expected. I was able to capture one orb on the computer screen and one on the desk itself before they moved further away from the desk.

UPDATE: 4-28-09 - I now understand part of the message from Passover/Easter weekend. After I wrote the happenings on this page, I decided to upload the new videos to the storage site I was using, only to get a "maintenance" message. I tried many times since that weekend to upload and the "Maintenance" message was always there, until last night, when I discovered the site either merged or sold its site to another company and apparently they deleted all 137 of my video experiments and a lot of EVPs. At this time I can only assume that when Robin's song started to play, it was her and one of the boys who said "It will be okay", knowing what my intention was, and knowing how upset I would be when I found out that I had lost three years of work and communication. Because I could not upload to that site, I decided to upload the following videos on YouTube instead.








To view the videos I still had on my computer and/or mysteriously showed up on my camera on Passover/Easter weekend (April, 2009), or I have captured since then Click Here!


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