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Ethereal Thoughts

Picture submitted by Shirley in Arizona. Photograph taken by her father and found shortly after his transition in April, 2008.

Most people go through life without ever even thinking about "Spirituality", until a life changing event occurs, or the loss of a loved one. It is at these times when people start asking questions of themselves and their beliefs. We get so caught up in everyday living, and when things are going well, we assume they will continue that way. The famous, Nostradumos, started his venture when he lost his wife and two children, and the "Sleeping Prophet", Edgar Cayce, lost his beloved grandfather. From the time of Albert Einstein to the present, a belief in the unknown has been contemplated and scientific proof has been explored.

With our modern technology, more and more proof is available, and more and more controlled studies are in the process. It takes a questioning, curious, experimental and open mind to explain and believe in what has been considered "impossible" all these years.

Those who read this site, or any site that deals with spirit communication are no different then Nostradumos or Edgar Cayce. It is the same grief process that opens our minds to what lies ahead, and to start a spiritual journey into the unknown.

Since the beginning of time people have wondered if there is an afterlife, what is the difference between the spirit and the soul, what are auras, does reincarnation exist, can we get beyond our reality and find "The truth that is out there", and can we communicate with spirits. What was once thought of as the paranormal is being proven to be quite the opposite, it is the normal way universal law works.

What is After Death Communication?


After-death-communication (ADCs) is simply what it says. Communication with our transitioned loved ones. We are energy, and energy cannot be destroyed. We are love, and true love cannot cease. More and more evidence is coming forth on this subject. You cannot make it through a week without seeing John Edwards, Sylvia Browne, Lisa Williams, Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters, Psychic Detectives, Psychic Investigators, Psychic Moms, A Haunting, and on and on.

Maybe it is the times - the terrorists, the rapes, disappearances, murders, and other negativity, but more and more people are turning to Spirituality and searching out Haunting Tours, Spirit Photos, Spirit Recordings, and TV and radio shows, as well as paranormal websites and magazines. Personally I think it is a combination of two things, the desperate times we live in wherein we want something to believe in, and the new technology we have to now prove that spirits do exist, and they can contact us.

A few years back if you brought up the subject, the other person would look at you as if to say, "the poor dear is finally losing it", but now we have proof, witnesses, pictures, recordings, scientific evidence, and other unusual happenings to prove what we say. Even more and more Police Departments are using psychics to help solve crime. More and more families are turning to them to find their loved ones who have disappeared.

More and more people are getting together on message boards, sharing their experiences, photographs, and stories. Some of these will be seen on this site.

This author does not believe in "EVIL" spirits. Spirits are part of a natural universal existence and they are not "paranormal", in fact, they are more normal then the illusions we have created for ourselves born out of our limited five sense, three dimensional, time, space belief. In the "normal", there is visible and invisible, no different then the smallest of organisms that cannot be seen with human eyes, but are in fact there. We breath the air, but can't see it. We feel the breeze or winds, but can't see it. Why can we accept these things and yet we can't accept the soul for what it is? The soul is energy and yet we as humans can't see energy either except in the form of color, yet it is all around us in many other forms.

Hollywood, TV programs, books, websites have all contributed to "After Death Communication" as something spooky or scary. If we are to work from the place called soul (divine energy), then that cannot be scary or evil. If we come from Quantum Physics, then all things are energy, including us while in the physical realm and once transitioned. Yes, there are scary stories out there, but are they real? Do certain things happen because as humans we expect them to, do we get involved in mass hysteria, or fear of the unknown, and does are imaginations go crazy? If we view spirit communication as an unknown, something spooky, it will be just that because that is what we perceive and believe.

We do not believe in hauntings (the dictionary has the definition correct, but society has changed its meaning), but visitation, we do not believe in ghosts (for the same reason as outlined above), we believe in spirits. The words we choose affects the way we view these visitations. I often hear of people being caught in between worlds or they come back for revenge, or for other negative reasons. Here again, we dispute this type of thinking. Do we believe spirits come back, absolutely "yes". They come back to visit their loved ones, to visit the home they may have grown up in or lived in, to help the people still in the physical plane. One cannot say they believe in divine energy as being the "soul", then also say they believe in evil because that is a contradiction. Evil is an attitude.

The definition of Divine is: "Divine 1 |diˈvīn| adjective ( -viner , -vinest ) 1 of, from, or like God or a god : heroes with divine powers | paintings of shipwrecks being prevented by divine intervention. • devoted to God; sacred : divine liturgy... 2 ( the Divine) providence or God. DERIVATIVES divinely adverb divineness noun ORIGIN late Middle English : via Old French from Latin divinus, from divus ‘godlike’ (related to deus ‘god’ )".

To read more about this subject, please refer to the "Orbs" page of this site.

How Does Spirit Do What They Do?


Anyone who studies spirit visitation knows that universal law applies to absolutely everything. We know that electromagnetism (with an emphasis on MAGNETISM) is the source that allows ADCs and ITCs. We know the obvious "why" of visitation, but lets try to understand the "how".

EVPs, telephone, computers, speaker and other sound and visual visitations via these and other devices: "VHS tapes, audio cassettes, computers, floppy disks and hard disks record data on a thin magnetic coating. The information that makes up the video and sound is encoded on the magnetic coating on the tape. This is no different then our credit, debit, and ATM cards which have a magnetic strip on one side. This strip encodes the information to contact an individual's financial institution to verify information in their account. Common televisions and computer monitors contain a cathode ray tube that employ an electromagnet to guide electrons to the screen. Even our speakers and microphones have a permanent magnet and a current-carrying coil to convert electric energy (the signal/frequencies) into mechanical energy (movement that creates the sound). The coil is wrapped around a bobbin attached to the speaker cone and carries the signal as changing current that interacts with the field of the permanent magnet. The voice coil feels a magnetic force and in response, moves the cone and pressurizes the neighboring air, which then generates sound. Microphones employ the same concept, but in reverse. A microphone has a membrane attached to a coil of wire. The coil rests inside a specially shaped magnet. When sound vibrates the membrane, the coil is vibrated as well. As the coil moves through the magnetic field, a voltage is induced across the coil. This voltage drives a current in the wire that is characteristic of the original sound."

Because the particles in light (which is energy) are bigger then the particles of magnets, light cannot penetrate things such as walls, doors, rocks, or ceramic tiles as you will see in one of the videos below, but magnetism can. This can be proven by playing with magnets. One can put a magnet on top of a table or even an arm, while moving it by using a different magnet underneath the source being tested on. There is a great video on the strength of magnetism below.

Electric clocks put out extremely high magnetic fields, and compasses work on magnetic fields. Cell phones work on the same type of magnetic fields. Article continues after these examples. Below are a couple examples on how this works:

For those of us who have experienced alarm clocks going off when they are not even set or doing other unusual things, or see compass move although they are sitting still, can be assured that it is the magnetic component of spirit that is causing these reactions to their input.

When apports appear, objects move with unseen forces being seen, these things can be easily explained by levitation. Although levitation is not a subject often spoken about, there is very definite scientific evidence of levitation via magnetism. We shall set out just a few examples for your understanding:

"A few countries are using powerful electromagnets to develop high-speed trains, called maglev trains. Maglev is short for magnetic levitation, which means that these trains will float over a guideway using the basic principles of magnets to replace the old steel wheel and track trains. The first maglev train was introduced in 2003. The big difference between a maglev train and a conventional train is that maglev trains do not have an engine - at least not the kind of engine used to pull typical train cars along steel tracks. The engine for maglev trains is rather inconspicuous. Instead of using fossil fuels, the magnetic field created by the electrified coils in the guideway walls and the track combine to propel the train."

According to CERN and the experiments with the Hadron Collider, "Scientists took a step closer to this goal in January 2010 when they announced they'd built a levitating magnet... For the new study scientists built a Levitated Dipole Experiment, or LDX, which involves suspending a giant donut-shaped magnet in midair using an electromagnetic field.

The magnet weighs about a half ton, and is made of superconducting wire coiled inside a stainless steel container about the size and shape of a large truck tire. The researchers used the magnet to control the motion of an extremely hot gas of charged particles, called a plasma, contained within its outer chamber.

The donut magnet creates a turbulence that causes the plasma to condense, instead of becoming more spread out, as usually happens with turbulence. Such "turbulent pinching" has been observed with space plasma in the magnetic fields of Earth and Jupiter, but never before in the lab. A key to the device is the fact that the LDX magnet is levitating, rather than suspended by any struts, because the magnetic field used to confine the plasma would be disturbed by any objects in its way. In the experiment, the donut magnet was held aloft by a magnetic field from an electromagnet overhead, which is controlled by a computer based on readings from laser beam sensors. This set-up can adjust the position of the giant magnet to within half a millimeter. Just in case the magnetic levitating system fails, the experiment included a cone-shaped support with springs underneath the magnet to catch it if need be."

Another example is Edward Leedskalnin who built Coral Castle in Florida. Edward was able to move stones weighing multiple tons by himself. He was known to have said he understood how the great pyramids of Egypt were built, but he would take the secret to his grave - which he did, but before his demise he did write two books on magnetism which this writer believes was the source and means of his mammoth undertaking.

Daniel Dunglas Home (March 20, 1833 - June 21, 1886) was a Scottish spiritualist known for his ability to levitate, a secret that falls in line with the above stories and the beliefs of Nikola Tesla.

SUMMATION: Other pages of the sites spell out the means of the mechanics of fluorescence when it comes to capturing orbs or other anomalies, but all of the above and the inclusion of orbs and variations of the color spectrum that encodes itself through the use of magnetism allows us the ability not only to see, hear, feel, and experience spirit visitation in various ways, but now allows us to understand the "how" of these abilities. As earlier explained, everything in the universe falls under universal law and although it is easier for people to recognize the everyday visible things like usage of electronic equipment or our credit cards, it is imperative to understand that these same laws apply to things beyond our five senses.





Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) is an international group of researchers who continue to try, and who have successfully achieved spirit visitation through all sources of electronic equipment. It is through ITCs that the writer of this site experiences most communication. This site is a powerhouse of information and techniques. World ITC Org.



Shadow People


I’ve included these photographs because the following explanation also proves the reality of what is known as “Shadow People”, and solves the ongoing difference of opinion when it comes to a change in temperature, cold vs. warm spots when spirit is present.  Although these two photos are of what appears to be a shadow on a deer, taken in the dark by a motion sensor camera, there should (under normal circumstances) be no shadow in the dark.  These photographs explain the mechanics of electron and photon absorption as a result of CME's (see the "Light Streak" page for information about this subject), but the same scientific explanation applies to "Shadow People".

We know visible light waves consist of a continuous range of wavelengths or frequencies. When a light wave with a single frequency strikes an object, a number of things can happen.

  • The light wave can be absorbed by the object, in which case its energy is converted to heat.
  • The light wave could be reflected by the object.
  • The light wave could be transmitted by the object.
  • The amount of light reflected (electrons and photons) depends on the smoothness or roughness of a surface as well as the the color of the surface -- dark colors absorb better than light. Another factor is the angle at which the frequencies are hitting the source. If light strikes a surface at a 90 degree angle, absorption will occur, just as if the light strikes a surface at a low angle, reflection is more likely to occur. The composition of a surface also makes a huge difference if frequencies can penetrate a surface. The greater the penetration, the less reflection, and the more absorption will take place.

    Since different atoms and molecules (the surface) have different natural frequencies of vibration, they will selectively absorb different frequencies of light. All electrons are known to vibrate at specific frequencies. When light (in the form of photons), interacts with an atom with the same natural frequency, the electrons of that atom will become excited and set into a natural vibrational motion. At this point, the vibration and the electrons of the atom interact with other atoms in such a way as to convert this vibrational energy into heat, as shown in the above paragraphs (known as thermal energy), and the light energy will not be seen again, unlike the opposite reaction to reflection or refraction, because reflection and transmission of light waves occur because the frequencies of the light waves do not match the natural frequencies of vibration of the objects. When light waves of these frequencies strike an object, the electrons in the atoms of the object begin vibrating, but instead of vibrating in resonance at a large amplitude, the electrons vibrate for brief periods of time with small amplitudes of vibration; then the energy is remitted as a light wave.

    By relying on this method, physicists are able to determine the properties and material composition of an object by seeing which frequencies of light it is able to absorb.

    Another Example of Shadow People


    Notice on the right side, the green/black areas are more pronounced when one takes a picture and then converts it to a negative.

    Because the brain wants to recognize what it sees, the bottom left shows what appears to be a white dog, whereas the negative shows that the portion that would make up a dog's nose, is only a difference of color frequency, and shows what appears to be a girl or young lady. Notice that as the ecto/plasma moved from the left of the couch to the right side, the spheres within it also moved and created this illusion of the dog. People, including myself, have seen what has recently been termed "shadow people" or a spirit trying to manifest.

    These shadows have a tendency to scare people due to a lack of understanding that black is only an object that does not emit or reflect light within the visible spectrum that we can see visually, and thus is nothing that should be scary or considered evil. Something will appear black if the incoming light is equally absorbed into the material being seen. We all know that if you wear black clothes in the summer or drive a black car, the electromagnetic radiation in the color spectrum, known as light, will interact with the molecules and atoms and cause the energy to often convert to heat. White is just the opposite, it reflects the spectrums frequencies rather then absorbing it.

    Picture submitted by Antoinette. Others of hers can be seen in the "Orb" and "Manifestation" albums.

    The Many Forms of ADCs


    After Death Communications, also referred to as "ADCs" can come in many forms:

  • Pictures of orbs or physical manisfistations.
  • Electronic Voice Phenonema (EVP).
  • Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC).
  • Seeing a small bright light move across a room.
  • Seeing a dark or white colored puff of what appears to be smoke moving across your peripheral view.
  • Noises made that cannot be contributed to normal house sounds such as furnances, refrigerators or fans turning on, plumbing sounds, or expansion or retraction of walls or doors due to temperature change.
  • Extreme temperature drops when no windows or doors are opened or windows are leaking breezes.
  • The feeling that someone is tugging at your clothes or hair, or softly rubbing your face or neck.
  • A jar on the bed like someone just sat down.
  • Personal or other items being moved from one place to another with no physical explanation.
  • Doors, cupboards or drawers being opened.
  • A multitude of electrical anomalies such as TVs turning themselves off/on or changing channels, lights flickering or turning on/off, unexplained computer or printer activity - ITCs.
  • A song coming on the radio that meant something to you in relationship to your loved one, when it seems to be needed.
  • Seeing their name or something in print frequently.
  • Finding "Pennies from Heaven", so-to-speak. Look at the dates to see if they represent a "special" time.
  • Our loved ones popping into our dreams to assure us that they are okay.
  • The list of ways our dearly departed loved ones contact us is far to large to list, BUT you must be ready, willing, and open to learning THEIR way of communication.

    Anyone who has ever had a baby, or a pet, knows that even though they cannot tell us verbally what they want, we intrinsically know if they are hungry, need to be changed, are tired or sleepy, want to go outside if a pet, or just want to be held, or just don't feel up to par. It is no different in learning their way of communication then it is learning the way of communication from our transitioned loved ones. Watch for patterns.

    To learn more about this subject from my perspective and experiences, Click My Story.

    This is just one type of activity I get on my computer from time to time. Notice how the screen scrolls down by itself. There are more videos on the "Video Activities" page.


    As I was working on this, the "k" showed up on the post it note again. This is now 3 times and I find it interesting that it showed up while I was putting this example together just now. Guess Rob just wanted me to know she is watching what I am doing and she is validating it is her.

    Other Stories


    On this page I will be adding more and more stories as they are sent to me by various people who want to share their stories.

    To learn more about other people's "Spirit Communication", Click Other Spirit Stories.

    To not only understand, but to see and hear spirit communication through the World ITC Organization, through telephone contact, television sets, computers, and more Click here!

    To see more pictures, photos, videos, and other subjects of spirit communication Click here!

    Another site of audio, videos, and pictures from around the world. Click here!


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