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  • Physics with Interaction - Einstein's Legacy
    This is a fun and packed full of knowledge site where you can interact and make things happen by the use of your computer. A "MUST" for anyone who is interested in physics.
  • Red Orbit
    To read about man's consciousness influencing the future, please read these scientific studies.
  • Princeton's Global Project
    The Global Consciousness Project, also called the EGG Project, which is part of Princetons global testing on conscious affects on the future and universe.

Is Your City Haunted?

Spiritual & Meditation
  • Wellbeing and Yoki
    Understanding the part of the observer, the role it plays in our lives. The importance of meditation, relaxation, creativity.
  • Learning Modern Meditation
    Wonderful site on various types of meditation, techniques, tips, MP3s, and downloads.

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